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Ark (2005)
The truth of the inevitable comparisons
7 February 2010
There are various similarities with The Spirits Within (Aki Ross was a babe, so is Amarinth...) - the glowing butterflies, tendrils, sparkly lights. These are probably things fairly unique to CGI (imagine doing that in a live action movie). The characterisation is pretty good. It could be better as others have said, but on the whole you don't feel they are wooden and you don't find yourself screaming at the TV because of bad characterisation. No, this feels good. I'm willing to suspend belief to enter the domain of the Ark and its inhabitants.

Thing is, while The Spirits Within was a lovely movie, and lovely to look at; it all went so wrong in Advent Children. For Advent Children was an awesome experience - visually. It is such a tragic shame that the story was muddled and overlong and in parts nonsensical. This was so lovely to look at, and so tedious to follow.

Ark, on the other hand, is a more functional movie. It is not as visually astonishing as Advent Children, but it is far from ugly. It is appealing in its own ways, and more than anything it has a story that flows and makes sense. A story, in fact, we could learn something from. A story that, when as the credits roll and that song by Otis plays, leaves you with a smile on your face. That's how every good movie should end.
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