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Barry Lyndon (1975)
A film so easily dismissed
24 January 2005
In the midst of the many wonderful films made by Stanley Kubrick, it is strange to note how rarely people mention "Barry Lyndon".

The film portrays an unusual young Irish man, Redmond Barry, and his endeavours as he is forced to leave his home and tries to make good his life elsewhere. His life away from home starts out as a career in the British Army; only to evolve in surprising ways and lead to as different places as a position of trust within the Prussian Army and later a title of nobility, gained by what our time can only measure as rather disgraceful means.

Some consider Barry Lyndon a slow and tedious film – and it is in deed past three hours in length, but this is because of the artistic flow of a film that strays not only to tell a tale about a man who is by no means neither hero nor villain, but also a film which is in no hurry and takes the time for every detail to sink into the mind and heart of the viewer. Some of the scenic images in "Barry Lyndon" are in themselves pieces of art, rendered with a passion for the landscapes and the man-made structures within them.

The myth that all scenes were recorded using no artificial lighting no doubt stems from the very realistic lights during indoor takes, and some of them truly did not feature artificial light. This is but one of the many details that so easily conveys a sense of a realistic portray of the era; the 18th century and the time after the seven-year war in the later half of the century. The impressive atmosphere and the wonderfully picturesque scenarios along with the fact that the entire plot moves at a calm pace makes this film a very pleasant experience.

"Barry Lyndon is", amidst Kubricks' many masterpieces, a film so easily dismissed due to length and the fact that it is overshadowed by others, but I deeply recommend this film to anyone who would like to see a film both for the plot line, the story and the pure enjoyment of the images presented. Stanley Kubrick made many great films – and this one is most definitely one of them! KimotoCat
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Signs (2002)
It is a sign - but not the way you think
3 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Some spoiler alert!

This film is not like any other scary film I've had the fear to see. At first, you think it's about the crop-signs. Naturally, it isn't just a prank, which is not surprising as that would have made a lousy film. Then it is the lights, the aliens. And then their onslaught upon Earth. But no, that's really not it either. This film is really a jigsaw of information to the viewer, a jigsaw of the complex type that doesn't turn into a logical image before that last and final piece has been put in. And that's when you see the divinity of it all! - That is, in case you don't belong to the group of people who just see fortunate or unfortunate coincidence. It's really all about seeing the bigger picture, and while doing so, this film manages to keep the toes curled, the gut chilled and the back rigid on the viewer. It's been a long time since a film got to me the way this one did. I warmly recommend this film to anybody out there.
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