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ONE of THE BEST movies ever!!!
18 September 2004
This film will "grab you" and never let go ! I have watched my VHS of it over and over, each time sitting paralyzed with awe of what I am seeing!!!! I am looking for the DVD, sooner or later the tape will be worn out, at this rate of use!! This movie is amazing for it's subject matter, and that it's subject matter is based on actual events. Those men that were on that mountain are extremely lucky and cursed at the same time. I can not imagine the horror they felt. We all want "proof" that we are not alone. But to imagine the horror of getting what we think we want? I don't know. It would most certainly be an excellent experience to sit down with ANY of them and hear first hand of this event. Travis Walton especially. The movie does have some elements that are dramatized, and some of the events in the book are much different. Either way, FIRE IN THE SKY is on my fav list, no doubt!
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