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Family Guy (1999– )
Seth MacFarlane, YOU'RE A GENIUS!!
28 February 2005
I cannot even begin to discuss how ridiculously smart and outrageously funny is this show. Not only does this program far surpass most of the comedies on television, it has the guts to hit topics that most of the overly sensitive public shies away from. I never understood why it was taken off the air in the first place. Fox can show something as tawdry and humanly degrading as Temptation Island, but Family Guy was too racy? Riiiight.

I absolutely must comment on the incredible voice talent done for this show, most especially the amazing creator himself, Seth MacFarlane. First of all, his versatility is unlike anything I have ever heard. When I discovered how many voices he actually performed, I was floored. I am currently receiving my masters in speech pathology so I find his ability particularly interesting. Not only can he speak in these individual voices, he can sing in them, and very well I might add.

The musical numbers in this cartoon revive a dying art. The "Road" episodes are a hysterical throw back to the Crosby/Hope movies, which is a reference I usually have to explain to my friends though they often must explain a few that I miss. In fact, the scope of the references range from cheesy 80's TV to political commentary to Broadway. This is why everyone will find something funny about this show. Everyone in one form or another can relate to it.

Most of my guy friends think I should be offended by the show because I am a woman and this is a "guy's show." Let me tell you, this is not the case at all. Lois Griffin is a freakin role model. I like to think I have half of her savvy when dealing with my ignorant boyfriends.

Absolutely excellent television. Edgy, funny, intelligent and extremely creative. This show was a breath of fresh air for mundane television and will soon awaken the network again. Seth MacFarlane, you are a genius!!
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Committed (2005)
Jennifer Finnigan is so annoying
23 February 2005
I really do like this show for the most part. I have seen it four or five times and it has never ceased to make me laugh. Josh Cooke has got to be one of the most attractive men on television right now and surprisingly, his comic timing is dead on. The only reason I do not watch the show more is because of Jennifer Finnigan. I just want to smack her. She is the only unfunny part of the show. It is completely unbelievable that Cooke's character would be with her. I honestly believe that she will be the downfall of this show.

Otherwise, the show is clever with some fresh material. It is always a joy to watch people who are more neurotic than you are.
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Monk (2002–2009)
This show is wonderful!
15 January 2005
I simply adore this show. The story lines are exceptionally smart and the characters have enormous depth. Tony Shaloub could not portray this character better. He never overplays Monk, which would be easy to do because of the larger than life difficulties he faces in every episode. I also find it highly refreshing to see a man who was so deeply in love with his wife. In most of television today we see only sex and superficial marriages in which everyone cheats on everyone else which is seen as being "the way it is."

Apart from the characters, this show has some of the most clever story lines for a detective series. I am also a big fan of Law and Order and CSI, but Monk has some of the most creative murders and motives I have seen without the shock value of gore and sex.

This is a wonderful family oriented, smart, charming, witty, endearing program. I highly recommend it for anyone wanting to watch intelligent television that will make you laugh and cry with a little nail biting thrown in.
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Will & Grace (1998– )
Needs to advance.
18 November 2004
I have been watching this show since the beginning and it never ceases to be very funny. I am however, getting bored with the characters. I thought they had a great idea with Grace getting married and Jack wanting to be a nurse and then they crushed both stories, bringing the characters right back to the same place they have been since the show started. What made 'Friends' work was the fact that the characters evolved. Nothing is evolving on Will and Grace. Each time a character gets a little ahead, the writers knock them right back down. It took 6 years for Will to finally have a decent relationship. NOTHING is moving on!! Though the jokes are still funny, they are becoming very predictable. If they want the show to last, they are going to have to develop these characters beyond this one dimension.
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The Village (2004)
Finally, a movie that actually engages some thought!
16 September 2004
Though I can understand why some did not like this film, I must say that I saw it four days ago and I am still contemplating the depth of this movie. Shyamalan is the only director in that last few years that makes me think about what I am seeing. Most popular movies today are so "in-your-face" obvious and vapid that I find myself reliving the same movie experience continuously. Personally, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. Yes, I can obviously see the similar Hitchcock styling, but I believe Shyamalan is the only one to pull it off. Because of the great success of "The Sixth Sense," this director has been pigeon-holed and no one wants to see him make anything else because they all expect the same type of movie. I am excited that a director in today's market can venture from his/her safe comfort zone. If for nothing more, see this film for the thought provoking characters, the excellent acting, and the haunting cinematography.
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