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The Intruder (1962)
Incredible Performance
2 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
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This film was amazing, I must say to start. Mr. Shatner, showing his obvious skill as an actor, plays a racist coming into a mostly white southern town, which is on the verge of beginning a racial intergration. Adam Cramer's (Shatner) rise to power is shown incredibly well, and clues to his downfall are seen throughout the film, but are not apparent the first time through, until the last 25 minutes. When the young African-American boy is brought down to the downstair's closet, the film takes on almost a horror type feel, the viewer knowing an pivotal event will occur, but still when it does, we are still surprised. i love the fact that the man who we see as a scuzzy, sweaty pig in the beginning of the film, turns out to take on a hero-like role, (assuming) saving young Joseph's life (the young African American boy). Seeing this film, my theory of any role that William Shatner takes, will have a lines that remain timeless (Lies!!!! Lieeeesssss!!!! I Swear to god this man is lying to you!!!!!) is what stands out to me, among others. Another plus was the grainy look of the film, and being shot in B&W, which added hugely to the feel of the picture. 8/10, wonderful piece
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Interesting film
19 November 2004
Godard's "Sympathy..." was, as I saw it, true, unaltered vision. Raw, if you will. This film reminded me of a Paul Morrissey film very much, improvisational, unique, rule breaking, smart, interpretive. I am a fan of most of Godard's work, my favorite probably being the light-hearted "Une femme est une femme," and "La petite soldat," which "sympathy" doesn't follow, in terms of conventions. Mick Jagger is stunning, and the scene that stands out most in my memory is, I'm sure like most other viewers, is the fascist bookshop, with the man in the purple suit spouting off his speech, demanding a salute. Worth seeing if you don't like your film spoon fed to you.
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Beautiful Performance
19 November 2004
Absolutely beautiful. I loved every minute of this piece. The Color. Anna Karina. The opening scenes. The closing scenes. The concept. Whenever I think of Godard, I think of Anna Karina singing in the cabaret about her beauty. If you consider yourself a fan of Godard, French New Wave, musicals (although coming into seeing this, i was expecting quite a different type of musical, a more American version, which it wasn't) or just film in general, this is a must see. Godard holds a huge influence over todays films, i.e. Wes Anderson's work. I love seeing Anna Karina walking into the coffee shop, past the traffic, from the drab looking outside, ordering coffee, and leaving. I am so happy that Mr. Godard is still making films today, what a gift.
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