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Mother Love (1989)
6 October 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I have been a fan of Dame Diana Rigg since I was a child. Not so much for the Avengers I knew of her before I ever heard of the Avengers (honestly). One night as I was waiting for Mystery! (which Diana is the Hostess) I see Mother Love and I also notice that Diana Rigg was the star of the flick--so I was waiting and intrigued to hear Diana's commentary on HA! Herself. This mini kept me awake for every single second I couldn't leave the TV. What a diabolical B----! With her and I must say that Helena's love for Kit was shall I say in the incestuous side to a degree.During this whole time Kit has to lie to his loving mother about well pretty much everything even convincing her that he never met his father (He mentions to fiancée Angela that he told his mother one time he wanted to meet him and tried to kill herself)And getting wife to be Angela in the web. Her twisted mind scrambling every time she realizes those who were supposed to be "loyal" had betrayed her.She tricks Cousin George to locking Alex's wife Ruth in her bunker studio suffocating her (in case I didn't mention Alex is Helena's ex and Kit's father) How she managed to get her cousin in prison (which backfires because George Batt is happy there), her daughter in law and her grandchildren, which she poisons some pastries to eliminate them and then the ultimate her own comatose son. The scene in which she starts pulling all the plugs and tubes and the line: I gave you life and now I'm taking it" As we see which is not surprising to see Helena in a catatonic state (mix of meds and lobotomy maybe)Did I mention she killed the neighborhood cat?
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What an insult
9 September 2004
Hey, I have experienced Hurricane Andrew and this movie made the real thing look like a typical rainy day. Obviously no one in Hollywood ever experienced a phenomena other than earthquakes to make a good movie of what really happened. I was one of those who lost homes and had to rebuild from the start up. On top of all that these actors who are great actors were at their WORST in this production. From what I see they too never experienced seeing their roof fly over their heads or worry about when and how they will rebuild their lost homes. So I tell the Hollywood community if you want to make a movie about hurricanes, just come on over and sit through one maybe a half way decent movie can be produced.
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