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Wit (2001 TV Movie)
Correction and Comment
11 May 2006
I am commenting on an error in what another person stated. The part of the sympathetic nurse was played by the fabulous African American actress Audra McDonald, not Eileen Atkins. Eileen Atkins portrayed the much older professor of Emma Thompson's character.

I totally agree with everything else that this person stated. This movie ripped me apart. Emmma Thompson was absolutely incredible. Her powerful, heart-breaking, luminous performance should have garnered her every acting award, and then they should have created new ones for her. To witness her personal awakening through her illness is something that I won't soon forget.

I was reintroduced to the poetry of John Donne in this movie and had forgotten how wonderful the Holy Sonnets are to not only read, but to listen to. All in all a powerful, unflinching movie.
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Kevin Hill (2004–2005)
5 May 2005
What's the deal with the ever "changing" baby? Last night's episode (5/4/2005) the one with guest star Toni Braxton, must have had 2 or 3 different babies. It was so obvious. In the scene where Taye Diggs takes the baby to get her hair done, he goes in with one baby, turns around and it's a different baby and by the time they show the baby with her new hairdo it's the original Sara. I know they generally have identical twins portraying any baby or toddler character. This was just so odd. In all of the shows that I have watched I have never seen that done before. For those old enough to remember, it was sort of like the "Darrin" switch on Bewitched.
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Bordertown (1989–1991)
Loved This Show
1 April 2005
I loved this show. I was so thrilled when I started reading other people's comments. I saw that someone said that it is being shown on The History Channel. I'll have to check the schedule. This is definitely a show that should be on the Hallmark Channel or some cable channel. I was hoping that it would be out on DVD, but I haven't seen it anywhere. I always thought what an ingenious idea for a show. The interplay between the Mountie and the Marshall was great. Their love for the Dr. Marie Dumont was so sweet. And I really liked that they had a "lady doctor". I also loved the rousing Sibelius theme song. I actually would plan my Saturdays around this show-that's how much I loved it. If anyone that would be involved in releasing this on DVD is reading this-please release it on DVD.
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