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Cosmopolis (2012)
A Bore
30 December 2012
Once upon a time a picture would establish itself after the main title in less than ten minutes. Not so in today's world apparently.

This picture is bleak, claustrophobic and full of unintelligible dialogue which leads nowhere.

If we put our brains into overdrive and try and work out what this film is all about we can vaguely ascertain that we are confronted with a young and bored billionaire. Unfortunately the billionaire wishes the audience to share his boredom.

I think I lasted 50 minutes into this film before my sheer frustration morphed into drowsiness and mercifully I slept until the picture had thankfully finished.

Undoubtedly there will be some who will give this a good review as their tastes are different than mine. That's well and good but I just speak as a person who goes to the pictures in order to be entertained. Entertainment this is not!
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A quirky and enjoyable picture
30 December 2012
Watching an American picture about the end of the world and finding that there is no concentration on things blowing up and exploding came as a welcome relief if not a surprise.

This film is a little gem of a black comedy with some drama and romanticism thrown in.

I only recognised two or three faces - but everyone of the players is good and the two leads are superb. The male lead is of a character not usually associated with the romantic and this brings out more of the warmth.

Quirky, offbeat, lovable, zany and intelligent are some of the words I would use to describe this entertainment - and entertain it certainly does.

If this picture comes this way - grab it, you will love it.
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See it if there is nothing else to watch
30 December 2012
Creepy pictures today follow a formula. Firstly you mix a few adolescent males high on testosterone with a few females who are basically dumb and can scream a lot. You sparingly mix in a plot that doesn't matter too much - so long as you have a few madmen or women who are manipulating others. You spice the dialogue with the usual language of the gutter found in nearly all films these days and sumptuously add to the mix a lot of blood and gore.

This film started off well, then got sillier and sillier as it went on. The final reason for the whole thing was as ludicrous as I think it possibly could have been and I wonder who was taking what when it was "thought" up.

If the plot could have been re-worked with a more sensible premise, something remotely believable, then we may have been presented with something watchable. As it was, everything was so way over the top it parodied itself.

No doubt this film will appeal to 12 year old chimpanzees for whom it was obviously intended.
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