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What a piece of crap!!!!
9 February 2018
The idea of a Hindi-desi film about ED was awesome to think of. It started nice, both the main characters were relate-able and believable. But just as the 1st act is finishing the film turns towards unrealistic dialogues and situations. Post interval its worse.

To my utter shock, scenes, situations, moments come as the part of the narrative that are utterly unrealistic and unbelievable and basic 'potty'.

What the hell were they thinking!!!! Super disappointed!!! :(
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The X-Files: This (2018)
Season 11, Episode 2
Season 11 is pure garbage.
16 January 2018
The X-Files season 11 is nothing but pure garbage! A badly compiled semi-flushed residue of excrement in a public toilet facility. What the hell are they thinking? Where is the logic?
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The heart is in the right place, the mind not so much!
23 December 2017
Warning: Spoilers
'Tiger Zinda Hai' The heart is in the right place, the mind not so much!

Illogical film. Cringeworthy. International espionage aur security ko joke bana diya hai. Trailer dekh liya, kaafi hai! Terrorist wait for Salman n team to say their dialogues, only after that they shoot. Paisa lagaya hai, dimaag nahi! Watching this film, I can sympathize with terrorists cos they've been portrayed as incapable morons. The only decent thing in the film is Katrina Kaif's performance. Special mention as to be made about a sequence in which Kaif kicks ass! Literally awesome scene!!! The nurse played by Anupriya Goenka and the main baddie played by Sajjad Delafrooz are very good, consistent with their performances. Paresh Rawal is damn good too as usual. But the film is so heavily ridden by illogical actions by the characters and the director as a story teller that I couldn't resist posting my reactions on FB simultaneously while watching the film. Super disappointed! 3.5/10
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Its a complete film!
15 December 2017
'The Place Beyond The Pines' This 2012 film is one of the best films ever. Totally cinematic with characters to love and die for, its a roller coaster ride of emotions and my favourite 'stay'. I love the 'slow' pace of it and the characters taking their time to react. They don't just say the lines, the become the characters. Maybe I am sadist but this was just my type of a slow and hyper-emotional films where the characters are fighting with inner conflicts. In fact every single character is fighting his own battle.

'Luke''s life takes a turn when he finds out he has a baby he didn't know about. He choses to swap his life of somewhat fame and easy money and carelessness for an opportunity to be with his son and the mother of his son who is now with another man. His guilt of not being their for his mother takes precedence. As a result he chose a life of crime. To be his honest his character is somewhat unstable that loses the path of life and head for the wrong direction. 'Romina' the mother of the child too has a conflict, her's is about her duty as a mother towards his child for which she choses to be with another man, another 'stable' man and for a stable life for herself and her child; her conflict is that she might still be in love with Luke but for the sake of her child's life she decides not to be with Luke.

'Avery' the cop is riddled with his own dilemma; he has his friends and colleagues on one side but on the other is his fight with his conscience which forces him to 'rat' these corrupt cops out. This is compounded by his every present guilt of killing 'Luke' by mistake. Even after years, Avery feels a sense of responsibility towards Romina and her child and tries to help them in whatever way he can.

It is simply an amazing film with amazing performances. I would certainly reccomend it to anyone who loves cinema and storytelling. Amazing shot with a sense of melancholy and with lovely music this is a must watch film. BTW this is the 2nd time I have watched it and I watched it cos I remembered how awesome it felt the first time I watched it.

My ratings: 9/10 ********* MUST WATCH!!! Its a complete film!!!!
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King Charles III (2017 TV Movie)
What rubbish! I'd be highly offended on Royal Family's behalf and I am from India.
27 June 2017
What utter piece of crap is this telefilm! Worst aspect of the film is the casting. Except for Camilla perhaps, none of the actors looked the part. None of them had the 'Regalia' or look of that would make one feel them as a part of the Monarchy. None of them had the elegance.

The Direction, whatever shoddy little there was, was totally inapt and crass. I simply hated they way they 'utlilized' Late Princess Diana in shitty 'surreal' sequences. Have the makers so shame and respect for the dead? Why was it necessary to raise the issue about who Harry legitimacy? By doing so they did nothing but insult Princess Diana.

And then there is the Prince Harry's affair with young Black woman. I am sorry to say but she wasn't as pretty as Harry's character was making her to be. He hardly spent one night and couple of days with her and he was willing to give up all so quickly! Rubbish! Pathetically rubbish!

BBC has miserably failed with this telefilm, in an attempt to be seen as 'Politically Correct' they have intentionally 'utlized' people of color in situations which look highly contrived and unreal.

The body language of the actor playing Prince Charles was sadly rubbish. When confronted by the family to force him to abdicate, his body language was an immature child.

I am quite, quite disappointed with the story of this film. Charles was doing the right thing but for some reason everyone has seemed to opt for betraying him. There really isn't a story or any conflict to resolve in this film. The only decent scene is where Charles dressed up as a Monarch entering the House of Commons and his speech. Everything else is utter nonsense!

BTW who gives a crap about what Catherine wants or thinks? How dare her character walk in demand the King to abdicate?!

I hate this film! I hate it! I really hate it! For technical reason, for aesthetics, for art and for the sheer stupid insulting story.
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Tubelight (2017)
This is a wonderful film. It is an emotional roller coaster of a story.
24 June 2017
T U B E L I G H T (2017)

To begin with I'd like to inform and encourage everyone to ignore the detractors of this film. This is a wonderful film. It is an emotional roller coaster of a story. DO NOT listen to people who tell you that it is bad film or that Salman hasn't performed well and so on.

It is a simple beautiful story of a child like man who starts 'believing' that his belief can bring back his brother. Salman as 'Lakshman the Tubelight' is spot on with his performance. Wonderfully supported by Late Om Puri ji, little child actor from Arunachal Pradesh, Matin Rey Tangu is a delight to watch. His mother played by beautiful Zhu Zhu is amazing too, although they messed up with her dubbing. Sohail Khan has tried very well too and the couple of scenes he had, he is very efficient an effective.

Superbly, beautifully shot by Aseem Mishra, Tubelight is film that relies of Salman Khan's emotions which I personally feel he has managed to communicate perfectly and very sweetly with his performance. I heard, read somewhere that this is his 'worst performance', I totally disagree. On surface level it might seem a bit silly but when you watch the film you feel the conviction with which it has been delivered.

This film is a very relevant for India right now. It touches on many social issues and debates that we all need to think about.

Racism against minorities, Patriotism, Empathy for Disabled people, the language wars, Alcoholism, Spirituality, pain and loss of loved ones, martyrdoms of our soldiers, it is an amazing film. One of the best aspect of the film is how the 1962 war with China is depicted. Wonderfully shot and directed, the battle scenes are very, very believable. Another aspect of the film that I really loved is that the film did not bash Chinese. Even Chinese soldiers are talked about with respect as India soldiers, except by a couple of characters who are really angry with China but who also by end have change of hearts of sorts.

One of the most important reason that you should watch this film is Om Puri ji This is his last performance and it is wonderful as ever. He was as natural and a delight to watch as ever! Propagating the messages of Gandhi ji, his character and look is perfect and looks the part.

The main message of the film is to have 'Self Belief'. With it one literally move mountains!

Highly moving, highly emotional, highly fun and entertaining and highly satisfying, this is a must watch!

Hats off to Kabir Khan for making such a lovely film.

My ratings:: 8/10 (Deducting 2 for bad CGI at couple of places!)
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Thoroughly satisfying, entertaining and with a very important message.
22 June 2017

So just finished watching this film and found it thoroughly satisfying, entertaining and with a very, very special and an important message. Varun Dhawan is easily one of the most talented male actors in the country at the moment and I feel he will only get better with time. Same can be said about lovely Alia Bhatt. She is a delight to watch, sheer cuteness with great performance.

Shot beautifully, full of romance and emotions, BKD is easily one of the best Hindi film I have seen in recent times.

Loved it. It raises a few issues, one the most important one I feel is the 'concept of happiness' which is often depended on personal aspirations and dreams of people.

Can one really be happy for rest of the life if one's dreams are left unfulfilled for any reason? I don't think so. Therefore I totally agree with Alia's character's actions that she takes. One must live for him or herself too. We all the Right, the duty to do what we want, what we must do to be happy in life. I don't know what I am trying to say. I liked the film!

My ratings: 8.5/10 ******** MUST WATCH!!! J.M.D. JAI MATA DI :)
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The sequel to the original masterpiece of a film 'Trainspotting' (1996) by master filmmaker Danny Boyle, this is a great film too.
2 June 2017
T 2 . T R A I N S P O T T I N G (2017)

The sequel to the original masterpiece of a film 'Trainspotting' (1996) by master filmmaker Danny Boyle, this is a great film too. Full of nostalgia, surrealism, awesome-awesome music and 'masterclass' performances by all the actor. This is a MUST WATCH film.

I do not know why but I kept getting emotional and teary eyed watching this film. Set literally in a small part of the world in Scotland, it is full of human emotions that chokes you. 'Spud' trying to commit suicide really did me! How empty and hopeless he was feeling was superbly conveyed by Ewen Bremmer, his expressions, his body language, his eyes, the odd way he spoke, everything about his performance is out of the world.

'Begbie' played by Robert Carlyle is the 2nd most amazing performance in the film according to me. 'Begbie' is a beast, you look at him and you get scared. Even if he is in a good mood, you'd be scared. And this is because of how he is played by Robert. But then in the pre- climax we suddenly see him in a totally different light for say a minute and you are suddenly drawn to his insecurities and inferiority complexes, you realise, you come to know why he is the way he is. His last interaction with his son makes you understand and makes you believe that there is still a little bit of a human being alive in this beast. Amazing, amazing performance!

Ewan McGregor as 'Renton' and Logan Gillies as 'Simon' really didn't have much to do, they were efficient in what they did. Their characters were quite simple and not much was required from them 'performance wise'.

Anjela Nedyalkova as 'Veornica' was a delight to watch and she was also very efficient with her performance. Again she didn't have much to do!

Danny Boyle on the other hand has everything to do with this film. He has managed to create magic in this film. Cinematic Magic with touching human emotions and a warm, fuzzy feeling of nostalgia. For some reason I was really able to relate with all the characters, I could understand and see their angst and psychology and see the reasons and logics for their actions perfectly. And all of it made sense.

I loved how Danny used surrealism in this film, he did the same and much better in the first film, but still the magic was there. Great music, great cinematography and superb editing has made this one of my most fav films immediately.

My ratings: 9/10 ********* MUST WATCH!!!!
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Living this film once is enough to be honest.
9 May 2017
Y O U . O N L Y . L I V E . T W I C E (1967) - Living this film once is enough to be honest - - James Bond is dick! -

!!!!There are couple of spoilers!!!!

One can argue that they did it all the prevent a nuclear world war. But it is just sad to see super dedicated footsoldiers of SPECTRE and in this film's case, the 100 'modern ninja warriors' die like they didn't matter. The SPECTRE chaps are always so dedicated in defending the evil deeds set by their masters, especially after they,the masters have ran away leaving the SPECTRE chaps to continue to fight and die and fall like flies. I wonder whether SPECTRE pays anything to their families. Some kind of compensation. I hope they do. Respect to the fallen 100 'modern ninjas' too in this case. Now lets talk about the film. Sean Connery is at it again, on 'Her Majesty's Secret Service' which incidentally is the name of the next film in the series. He plays 'James Bond' again with codename 007. I think James Bond is a bit of a dick!

At 1:16:05 Aki dies but at 1:17:50, the dickhead 'James Bond' is already trying to figure out how ugly or pretty is 'fake-mission' wife is going to be! You look at his expressions and you just want to slap him with a wet slipper on face!

I think Bond is just an asshole who gets lucky every time. He happens to be there to meet Mr. Henderson when he is assassinated. Bond, being Lucky yet again to be there now chases the assassin and kills him and pretends to be him. In doing so, he manages to get to baddies' headquarters which is actually a 'front' for SPECTRE. And the story begins. What if the assassin had killed Mr.Henderson before Bond had arrived to meet him? Then? There won't be this story. There are few other 'Lucky happenings' that happen to happen just when Bond is there. And this is a pattern that is there in all the Bond films. I hate it.

Let's talk about screenplay and the story. Can somebody please tell me why the hell was Bond carrying knee and hand suction pads? Why? Where was he carrying them under the kimono? And why was he carrying them? He had not yet found the hidden volcano lair? Total Bullshit!

I just hate the typical formulaic pre-climatic fight between Bond and a strong baddie who is always the villain's sidekick, 'Hans' in this film. A tall, lanky, bulky chap who is shown only twice in the entire film, he is brought to fight Bond even when his masters have died or left. Why would you fight like that? What for? I can give myself a counter argument which would be that he is one of those super dedicated SPECTRE chaps! But it is a bit unrealistic. Its formula!

Can some one please also tell me why would 'Number 11' take the hassles of pretending to be a traitor to Mr.Osanto and SPECTRE by escaping with Bond from the Osanto headquarters to an airport or airstrip somewhere, to get where they would have had to drive, find a plane, refuel it, check it for safety and then fly it to the middle of nowhere so that 'Number 11' could deceive Bond and try to kill him by leaving him stranded and stuck in the plane as 'Number 11' jumps out with a parachute! Why? Why go to all this trouble to kill him like this? Why? When you already had Bond in front of you, tied to a chair at place where 'Number 11' would be safe and have backup baddies! Why?


The only saving grace for me in this film were the pretty Japanese girls, a few beautiful cinematic shot and the music which starts in the beginning. I happen to like this theme the most and it was absolute pleasure to hear it every now and then.

A mediocre film with crappy sensibilities. All I can say is that the plot of the film, the concept, the idea that SPECTRE would somehow cause a nuclear war between US and USSR by deceiving them both is amazing, it the execution and the filmmakers' sensibilities that lets this film down big time.

My ratings: 5/10 *****

Watch it if you are not too bored!!!

I must add that I loved the hidden-under-volcano set! Loved the grand scale of it and how it was designed.
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Thunderball (1965)
'Thunderball' is Blunderball!
8 May 2017
T H U N D E R B A L L (1965) is 'B L U N D E R B A L L'

Sean Connery as 'James Bond' with codename '007' was out again, at it again in 'Thunderball' directed by Terrence Young.

Let me say this now, 'Thunderball' is more like a blunderball! Its a terrible, terrible film! Terrence must have been really young to have made this crap! The only decent thing, logical thing, sensible, exciting and entertaining 'thing' in this film is the sequence in which SPECTRE members steal Nukes from a downed RAF's Vulcan bombers. It was nice see that and that sequence only. Apart from that, everything else sucked! And I mean everything. From timelines, continuity, editing, screenplay, direction, everything sucked in every possible way.

Throughout watching the film, I kept thinking how and what a let down this film is keeping in mind the amazing nukes-stealing sequence in the beginning, I think I am now going to support and love SPECTRE and not MI6. SPECTRE chaps are awesome and intelligent and their plans are simple, efficient and amazing. On the contrary, MI6 chaps' James Bond is a buffoon who is just hanging out with girls at any and every opportunity.

Think about it, he actually didn't do anything in the film. He happened to be their at the spa-hospital facility in the beginning where he sees the RAF pilot, the real one and the fake one! Imagine he wasn't their wasting time, he probably wouldn't have been aware of it and this film wouldn't be possible. 'Right' things were just happening at the 'Right Times' for the Bond. He goes scuba diving in the beginning and the girl he is chasing happens to get stuck and he happens to be there to help her out! What rubbish!

Bond is carrying a mini 'Radioactive' homing-device capsule which apparently would work only if swallowed! NONSENSE!

He is given an underwater grenade which he uses to blast 3 baddies! But why were the baddies chasing him at that moment in the climax, when what they really wanted to do was to escape with the nukes. Bond had entered an underwater cave or some sunk ship, the baddies could have easily escaped! But no! They decided to chase him so that it woud lead to a situation where Bond could use the 'underwater grenade'! What nonsense!!

And then there was the utterly boring and pointless 'Mardi Gras' sequence! Let just say it sucked too! Terrible, terrible film!




My ratings: 3/10 *** TOTALLY AVOIDABLE!!!!
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Quite disappointing to be honest 😏
15 January 2017
XXX-2 - A film with unnecessary cockiness and a lot many sexy young ladies in bikinis as background artists. Deepika looks great but seems a bit out of place. Vin is as usual, monotonous and super cocky!

Story, screenplay is quite clichéd and typical. None of the characters are really established. They are brought in when they were required. Who is Serena, I still don't know! And same can be said for all the other characters!


Quite disappointing to be honest 😏

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The film is nothing but simplicity of characters who are bogged down with their below-average mediocre lives.
28 December 2015

Just watched it and feeling so inspired. The film is nothing but simplicity of characters who are bogged down with their below-average mediocre lives.

'Sandhya' a fat girl played so very beautifully by Bhumi Pednekar gets married to 'Prem' played so perfectly by Ayushmann Khurrana. Both are from similar socio-economical background but she is educated with a B.Ed and he is 10th fail. This is not the only reason for the unhappiness in their marriage. Prem finds her severely unattractive because of her appearance but this 'dislike' is furthered every she tries to say something or do something which Prem takes as her 'showing off' her education. All this leads a few nasty confrontations but eventually they start understanding each other.

The film has some very depressing but realistic scenes portrayed realistically by all the characters, especially Seema Pahwa ji, Sanjay Mishra ji and Sheeba Chadda ji (that one post phone call scene is hauntingly realistic and saddening portrayal!!!!) Don't know why it brought tears to my eyes and that hasn't happened in years!

Its an amazing film and one must watch it at least once. The 'art' is amazingly done by one Meenal Agarwal and its totally believable and realistic! The photography is beautiful with some really beautiful 'arty' shots, and its crisply cut by Namrata Rao.

'Moh Moh Ke Dhaage' is an amazingly beautiful and soulful song that I am playing on loop right now while writing this.

Loved the film! My ratings: 9/10 * * * * * * * * *
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Chappie (2015)
the 'maker' is remade by the maker's 'makie'!
12 August 2015
'C H A P P I E'

A very weirdly endearing film about robots, artificial intelligence and the consciousness! The last few minutes of the film makes it into a one of the most obvious and the most important metaphor ever.

Your legacy lives in the history through your present and the future! 'Chappie' becomes a film about a robot whose 'mind' is altered in an experiment and he(it) is given the 'consciousness'.

The new 'baby'-'learning'-'aware' robot-entity starts to learn and feel. It (he) starts to understand and experience love and affection. He develops a sense of morality and ethics which are ultimately challenged when he is put in a violent situation where he has the break the very same ethics to save the one he has come to love! Later his awareness comes to his help when he is about to die. He does something so simple and yet so powerful that it moves you!

'CHAPPIE' - a what a great concept of a film with super performances and exceptionally cute and human story! It is ironical that a film about a robot is so humanistic! And this is the 'metaphor' I am talking about. The film has some really, really high class CGI and humor. An inherently and violent film in its nature, it ends up being a film about love and 'belonging'.

BTW the film has some really, really awesome music!

I would say it is a must watch!

My ratings: 8/10
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Masaan (2015)
What a satisfyingly great piece of filmmaking.
5 August 2015
M A S A A N What a satisfyingly great piece of filmmaking.

Super amazing performances by Shweta Tripathi​, Sanjay Mishra, Richa Chadda​ and the newcomer Vicky Kaushal. Neeraj Ghaywan seems to be a very sorted-in-mind kind of a person to be able to make such a sublime film. The cinematography is spotlessly inspiring and to be put simply 'PERFECT'.

It is difficult to believe that we have such fimmakers making such films in India with such good performances by such good actors!

Shweta Tripathi​ is adorably cute and you just to keep looking at her. Vicky Kaushal has the 'boy-next-door' believability and he portrayed his character full of romance initially and angst later with such subtly and smoothness that from the first time you see him, you believe him. He needed some one like Shweta to complement his performance. Actually both of them have complimented each other so perfectly in the film that now I can't imagine any other actors doing their roles.

Richa Chadda plays 'Devi' and her character is so interesting to watch from the very first scene. Her's is a character which cannot be described easily. She lives in a small town, belonging to a rather seemingly conservative family where there is only her father played awesome-awesome-awesome Sanjay Mishra who is a priest-scholar. Devi is an educated young woman who is exploring her sexuality when she gets caught. Rest of the film is about the way she deals this matter with her father, everyone else and herself. Their is a guilt of sorts in her mind that she needs to deal with. She loves her father but their is something in their past that bothers her perhaps. Hers is a very pragmatic character who probably feels bogged down by the small town mentality and sensibilities of the small town that she lives in. Don't want to divulge much, you have to watch the film to try to understand her character.

Sanjay Mishra ji is simply put awesome. He 'acts' so effortlessly that I can't even call him an actor. Cos he just doesn't seem to be acting. He just becomes the character here. And he a delight to watch.

I need to congratulate the casting director of the film for a perfect magical cast. Even actors casted for Deepak's family are perfect and each actor was realistically believable.

Cinematography by Avinash Arun is just awesome. I loved the way he has lit the film. There is no extra, unnecessary lighting which gives the film a realistic look. I loved the shots which would be perhaps termed as under-lit in conventional mindsets. Cinematography was just what it was supposed to be. A great tool to visualize the director's thoughts and it did it wonderfully.

Editing by Nitin Baid was spot on. There is not a single moment in film where the film lags. Its cut crisply yet there is 'thairaav' where required.

Music was like cherries on the cake. Totally sweet! Totally delicious!

'Masaan' is a film that should, would inspire Indian filmmakers to do- away with all the extra glam-sham quotients of the typical Bollywood films. Films are all about story telling and this film does it perfectly. It is based in a very small town where there is nothing over-the-top in any manner. Real locations have been used and they look superb.

The film is full of metaphors and it makes you think. But maybe there isn't much to think, It can be a bit of an abstract film which also works if it doesn't bore you. This film doesn't bore you!

It really engages you!

Definitely worth a watch!

My rating: 8.5/10
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Super! Awesome! Fun film! Except the last 10-12 minutes!
28 July 2015

Super! Awesome! Fun film! Except the last 10-12 minutes!

Obviously an effort by the filmmaker to bring the two warring nations of Pakistan and India closer, the film had almost an utopian setting where the pakistani border rangers, pakistani maulana, pakistani people and pakistani journalists are all nice, decent, loving people! (How I wish this was true!)

An implausible story made with so much conviction. love and heart that the audience wants to take it as it is served! I took it too and thoroughly enjoyed it!

Performances by 'He-never-left-but-he-is-back-again' Salman Khan are totally-deliciously lovely and demands audience's belief! 'Munni' played by the most-cute-lovely Harshaali Malhotra is just super-cute-huggable- kissable-adorable character ever! I hope she grows up to a great actor and doesn't waste her life-career!

Nawazuddin Siddiqui played 'Chand Nawab', a pakistani aspiring journalist who eventually becomes the 'catalyst' for the success of the story and its characters' motives, is just simply, awesomely, super-awesomely brilliant!

Nawaz does NOT know how to act! He doesn't need to! He just becomes the character! I would here on this day dated July 28th, 2015 announce that I think he is the greatest Indian actor ever!

I think Amitab Bachan sahab, Dilip Kumar Sahab and my favourite Late Dev Anand sahab are the gods of acting! But I would rate Nawaz sahab higher them all! For the latter just doesn't act! He just becomes the character! His "acting" is simply flawless! I hope I get to work with him some day!

The gorgeous Kareena Kapoor didn't have much to do but what ever her character was, she did total justice to it! And she looked super-gorgeous! We all know she is a great actor but here she didn't have much to do! (BTW I love her in 'Omkara'. The cinematography by Mr. Aseem Mishra is just perfect! Perfect! Perfect! I don't think there is anything I can say which isn't obvious!

The film is crisply cut and there is no lag of any sorts!

The music of the film was however a big letdown! None of the songs except 'Zindagi' are memorable or has any repeat value! Super disappointed! About the direction by Kabir Khan is majorly brilliant! I have been his fan since 'kabul Express' and I have always liked his sensibilities! The same sensibilities were evidently visible here in 'BB' again. Except the climax which I feel is forced, way over-the-top melodramatic and to be honest, highly-implausible and bit cringe-worthy! But I guess he did it to serve the masses who probably all loved it!

I too can appreciate the thought and the economics behind it but the logical chap inside me just won't understand it!

Long story short- 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan' is a great, fun, family film which everyone should watch! The performances are awesome! The story is soft and gooey and delicious! The visuals are stunning, fresh and crisp! The film has a bit of 'epic' feel at times but mainly hovers over the main character 'Pavan Kumar Chaturvedi' who is just adorable, and the lovely 'Munni' is far-far more memorable and adorable then the other previous 'Munni"!

My rating: 7.5/10 (2.5 deducted for below average music and the last 10 minutes!)
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Family Guy: The Simpsons Guy (2014)
Season 13, Episode 1
Family Guy - Simpsons crossover....found it lame!
29 September 2014
The Simpsons and Springfield was obviously animated by the family guys team and it didn't work for me visually.

Story-wise and narrative-wise, it seemed all very forced and uninspiring. The whole car wash scene was dull and elongated!

The only thing I really enjoyed was the courtroom scene with the character comparisons from both The Simpsons and The Family Guy.

Brian the dog had nothing to do so they made him busy with Santa's Little Helper. Don't wanna reveal too much but I feel now this should have been a longer episode for every thing to evolve and derive some meaning, perhaps a film length with animators from both the shows.

Seriously let down as I love both Homer and Peter and their families and friends.

Seems like the writers were trying too hard! :(
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Bhumika (1977)
Smita Patil, Amol Palekar, Shyam Benegal at their best!
6 September 2013
Bhumika (1977) - A film by Shyam Benegal Sahab

'Bhumika - The Role' is probably the best role ever played by Smita Patil in her career. 'Usha' the character played by her is throughout her life seeking happiness but she never attains. She falls in love and romantic liaisons with a number of men each of whom ends up unsatisfying her emotionally. One is weak and lacks confidence, another is too over the top philosophically who even hates the concept of 'love', another one almost deceives her with charm and confidence only later letting her realize that she will be a prisoner of his family traditions and their culture which won't even allow a women to step outside his house after death.

In the end she is rescued by the man called Keshav, superbly played by Amol Palekar. He is in the first place the reason for all her misery to begin with. He has his own personal needs and agendas. He sees an opportunity to exploit young Usha's charm and abilities and gets her into the film business, convincing her mother with perhaps deceiving arguments and assurances. A young Usha was only supposed to be in the profession for three or fours years but we are introduced to her character when she is her late 30s or early 40s and still in the same business.

Shyam Benegals Sahab has made a brilliant film which for majority of its running time runs in the flashbacks. A shoot is taking place. A mild twisting of an ankle by one of the background dancers halts the shoot where Usha is the lead. Since the scene cannot be completed the director decides to call for packup.

Usha doesn't have any scenes so she can go home. From the this early moment in the film one can start to see her unhappiness. She was delightfully cheerful for the eyes and the mind while she was in front of the camera. As soon as she is back in the real world, she looks sad and disturbed and a bit gloomy. This is further established by an un- importantly tiny gesture that his fellow actor makes for her by giving her a lift back home which irritates Keshav, her much older husband.

It is at this moment in story when the character Keshav is introduced. By his very looks and super makeup and costume, and on top his brilliant performance by Amol Palekar, we can anticipate and predict that the forthcoming interaction between the two characters is not going to be pleasant.

Director Sahab doesn't waste any time in any illogical and unnecessary melodrama and instead take the story right to the point. After this brief interaction and her expression of angst and frustration we come to know that this is a common occurrence in her life. This leads to an argument which is followed by Usha walking out of the house and taking a refuge in hotel.

It is at this familiar hotel in her familiar room that the flashbacks start. The very first flashback is of Usha's childhood which is brilliantly shot in black and white. A much younger looking Amol Palekar and Sulabha Deshpande who plays Usha's mother and a young Usha played by little girl (sorry couldn't find her name) perform with such sheer brilliance and conviction that you are suddenly taken back in their times and you get a feeling of actually being there.

I can keep on going about this film with its wonderful cinematography, direction, editing and performances but I'll cut the chase out and get climax of my point!


I feel like punching myself in face for not having seen this film earlier!

Hats off to Shyam Benegal Sahab, Smita Patil and a very brilliant Amol Palekar sahab.
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Dabangg 2 (2012)
Film has no story but its still fun!
29 December 2012
Salman Khan as 'Chulbul Pandey' excels and the action is quite entertaining but that is all there is!

Music this time not at all memorable and doesn't even remotely come close to the original film.

Cinematography was really bad at times. Many a times we would see characters' head being cut out of the frame!

At times the film sound was out of sync!

Sonakshi Sinha didn't have much to do! But she looked pretty!

Vinod Khanna ji and Arbaaz didn't have much to do!

Prakash Raj's character was characterless (his character wasn't properly etched or defined!)

Even with all this one can have fin watching the film if you are a Salman Khan's fan! I am not his "FAN" but I like the character of Chulbul Pandey!

I had fun!
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‎'Gangs of Wasseypur' is a visceral epic!
22 June 2012
‎'Gangs of Wasseypur' is a visceral epic! Not the kind of regular rubbish that is churned out every now and then. Mr.Anurag Kashyap has brought us something that can be categorized with the likes of 'The Godfather'.

Manoj Bajpayee is rocking and superbly supported by a fabulous Richa Chadda, Reema Sen and Piyush Mishra. And final cherry on the acting caked is Nawazzuddin as a vulnerable young lad who is basically a romantic at heart but is getting transformed into a ruthless gangster much like Michael Corleone in the Godfather series.

Manoj Bajpayee's character is quite akin to much more ruthless version of Don Vito Corleone played by Marlon Brando in 'The Godfather'.

By repeatingly mentioning 'The Godfather' I am not trying to take away anything from GOW. GOW is a superb film which needs to be watched by anyone and everyone who has the slightest of respect and love for films and filmmaking.

Sneha Khawalker's rockingtingly superb music brings a whole new level of excitement in the film and Rajeev Ravi's cinematography is very very efficient, sprinkled with quite a few shots of sheer brilliance.

All this make a nice, superbly tasty biryani and the credit can only go the masterchef Mr.Anurag Kashyap.

8/10, and I'd defo recommend all my friends to go and watch this film in CINEMAS!
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Saagar (1985)
Just a few technical issues here n there but truly a classic film!
24 May 2012
Saagar boasts of amazing performances by Rishi Kapoor, Dimple Kapadia and awesome Kamala Hassan.

Wonderful music and vocals over some very nice cinematography and locations makes this film definitely a audio-visual treat.

Story might sound like a clichéd love triangle but the treatment is quite different which makes it very interesting! A bit predictable at times but the performances are so brilliant that the viewer is sucked in and he waits to see what is going to happen next.

One of the better films out of our Indian Film Industry called Bollywood. A perfect combo of music, cinematography and performances, and of course story telling!

I would rate this film 8 / 10!

I am still buzzing with the wonderful music by the master R.D.Burman!

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Agent Vinod (2012)
What a disappointment!!!!
26 March 2012
A very lose film with no ends or maybe too many ends! It could ve been something special but one find himself sitting in theatre and waiting for movie to end so you can escape! I didn't like the silly one lines that Saif was uttering to make boring scenes interesting.

Said that Saif can carry the look very nicely but there wasn't any real content in the film. Screenplay was super slow and dull.

None of the characters were given enough time to grow and cos of that no one can really related to any character and therefore it didn't matter whether they lived or died!

All i can say in the end is that its a great waste of an opportunity!!!
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Don 2 (2011)
Its true! Don 2 is much much much better film then MI4!!!!
25 December 2011
And its better on many levels! But I am not here to compare these two movies!

Don2 is a Farhan Akhtar film and I have blind faith in this chap! He and his team has consistently contributed to Indian cinema with films that are class apart from rest of the Bollywood products! There always are high production values, world-class-level sensibilities, wonderful performances, awesome-awesome cinematography (I am fan of Jason West now!!!), brilliant cutting and music that gradually grows on you to an extent where it just settles in your mind forever!

Don2 is a very well made film. It is a perfect example of how a sequel should be. Shahrukh, Priyanka and Boman with the rest the rest of the awesome cast including the great Om Puri, have all made this film a delight to watch. There performances are subtle, realistic for cinematic sensibilities and most importantly believable!

There is no time wastage with any stupid comic relief scenes and none of the actions shots are repeated in slow motion to exaggerate action in film. Shot entirely outside India and with precision and awesome lighting and camera-work, this film is worth keeping in a library to be saved forever in case the world is about to be destroyed.

Few have compared the film to MI series and Ocean's Eleven series but trust me, it out does them in a very significant manner. All the action, storyline and the gadgetry is believable and realistic. For example when Don is escaping, there is sense of 'doubt' and 'mild uncertainty' that shows that he is not someone supernatural or super-heroic. He is just smart, clever and wise!

I can talk a lot about the film her but basically what I am trying to say is that this film is really good and it needs to be watched!

Don 2 is massive jump in the Indian standards of filmmaking and hopefully other filmmakers will get inspired by this film to up there cases!

Lastly, watch it in 3D! Its mindblowinng! So far we 've only seen Tron n Transformer in 3d which are full of mindless mental action but here we can see normal world scenes in 3d and they look beautiful!

* * * * * * * * * * (10 Stars!!!)
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One of the worst, most idiotic film I have ever seen!!!!!
16 August 2011
Laser guns in 1940s!!!! CCTV in 1940s!!!! Magical Godly cubes with unlimited energy!!!! A rather silly, not-scary-or-fearful villain!!!! Pathetic villain!!! Cliché after cliché after cliché! Stupid romance! Some a female British officer can storm in a lab which is conducting a super secret US government experiment and she can shout 'STOP IT'!!! I don't even want to talk anymore about this film it was freaking BAD!!!!!

The story line is so boring, there are no character developments. When CA decides to go jump behind enemy lines, out of nowhere there is plane available to do that! They never showed CA getting much of training but he can jump from a plane and in the end, he can fly the Red Skull's plane! Just pathetic!!!
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Patiala House (2011)
East is East + Bend It like Beckham = Patiala House
23 February 2011
It is a bad, bad, BAD film!!! Terrible script, screenplay, story! Music sucks! Not even a single song is memorable!!!

Akshay's performance is brilliant but wasted in a wasted film! Rishi Kapoor ji is brilliant but wasted! Dimple Kapadia ji were brilliant but wasted!

Why was Anoushka overacting? Was it all required! The family has been raised in UK but none of the younger generation had accents! The film cannot be categorised in any genre because it was a khichadi or risotto of sorts! Rather silly!

I couldn't believe our filmmakers can still make such bad films! What has happened to Mr.Advani, only god or CIA can tell! Seriously disappointed!!!
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Kaminey (2009)
Kaminey..... not so good!!!!
19 August 2009
I am so disappointed with the film that I felt a compulsion to say it and get it out of my system! Tremendously over hyped! The film is doing well in box office only because it is a Vishal Bhardwaj film. I too had gone to the PVR Juhu to watch it as I have loved every single piece of work of Vishal's till now.

But this time it didn't work out for me at least! First of all, what was with all the out-of-focus, super-close-extreme-close-ups? And why the hell there was a need felt to have such shaky camera-work?!!!! Why??? It made an already overly confused film even more confusing and difficult to watch. OK the story isn't actually all that confusing, in fact its quite simple. But I felt because the story was so simple that there was nothing to it.

I felt the film is just a montage of elongated scenes based on elongated script!!!! Except Dan Te Nan, the music is strictly ordinary. And still the one song that is brilliant (Dan Te Nan), it is so badly shot and edited that all you is just blurs!!!! Somewhere I was seeing Anurag Kashyap in Vishal's work. The use of Reds and Blues, and the strap-on camera etc all reminded of DevD.

The film revolves around the two main characters Guddu and Charlie, both of whom have speech disorders. They are both causing each other grief unintentionally. They are pole apart and totally different in even the minutes of the manners. Yet we know that there is going to be confrontation scene between the two soon. And it happens but there is nothing important about it. Just a quick flashback and bang, the scene is done and some how justified to progress the story.

Another major grief I have with the film is the inclusion of too many unknown faces, and TOO many characters. They are all supposed to have importance for the story but I found them hard to follow and relate to with any of them. Although I must admit that they all acted very well but the problem lies with the characterization and the story.

So overall, I was disappointed!!!! I love Vishal Bhardwaj films but this one didn't work for me!!!! 4 out of 10!!!!
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