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Nowhere near as funny as it should to be
12 July 2013
I went to the cinema with my sister out of the blue, and this was the only movie we could see at that hour... so we went in since i saw "the hangover part 1" and i thought it was decent comedy.

It was nowhere near as funny as it should be, since it claims to be the comedy. If anything - it was stupid and silly. I kept repeating to my sister that the first movie was so much better, and she kept yawning and checking her smart phone and texting and... She was bored to death (especially not knowing any of the characters from before).

It was such a disappointment. Thumbs down.

Seuels are a bad, bad thing :)
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worth watching
3 March 2013
it is a good film. good acting, good directing, good story, good music... it's not the best i've seen recently (i just saw 'the hunt' from thomas vinterberg and that blew me off completely), but it is worth watching.

movie will keep you engaged all the way.

i didn't like the ending, but i guess any other ending wouldn't fit, so i shouldn't complain too much.

i gave it 8 out of 10 stars, because every single element of a movie (from music to production to directing to...) is real good. considering many mediocre (at best! :) ) movies that we see so often, i would say that this movie deserves to be seen.

it's pleasing to the eye, it's soothing in some way... i don't regret seeing it.
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The Hunt (2012)
simply wonderful...
3 March 2013
what can i say?

this movie is simply a masterpiece. this movie is what i hope to see every time i enter a cinema.

this movie is warm, engaging, natural, simple, cruel, human... it is everything at once.

i cried my soul out, it is unbelievable how danish directors (lars von trier and thomas vinterberg) are able to move me with their movies.

story is superb. casting is superb. acting is superb. directing is superb.

they say danish people are cold and detached, denmark being a northern country. no one ever takes me to such an emotional journey as danish directors... i think i should marry a danish guy ;)

let me sum it up with what i already said before: this movie is the reason why i go to the cinema in the first place. not for the entertainment, but for the art. for that feeling that i just read a wonderful book. that feeling of satisfaction that i just did something great for my soul. purging, cleansing of my soul, if i may say it that way.


thank you, thomas vinterberg... and thanks to the rest of the crew.
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it was fun :)
1 March 2013
OK, this review will be short since i'm tired and uninspired.

movie had its flaws, and many of them, BUT... it was fun :)

it was light and funny :)

not every story was equally good or entertaining, but still - i was amused and entertained and happy for feeling that way.

therefore i cannot judge too harsh: it was fun and that's what i needed it to be.

it's flawed, it's not too artistic, but i felt good when i left the cinema.

i do like woody allen :)
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what's not to like about Tarantino? :)
22 January 2013
i mean, seriously: what's not to like about Tarantino? :)

i found this movie very interesting, great dialogues (funny, smart, great), real good story and the message it conveys is wonderful...

and i like how it reminds us of the terrible things that black people had to go through in north America... it's just... i don't know, my English is not good enough to express the empathy and despair that i felt while watching the movie... so, it accomplishes to be both: very serious movie, and very entertaining at the same time.

great characters, as always :)

for me Quentin Tarantino is a real artist. he's weird, quirky, odd, bizarre... but in the best possible way. i highly recommend this piece of American ART :)
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Life of Pi (2012)
i missed the point
23 December 2012
i'm sad to report that i completely missed the point of this movie.

it was visually beautiful (although i am sick and tired of 3D movies and CGI and stuff... i need to take a break, seriously...).

but the ending... i somehow missed the point. the ending was for me at least, fast paced and clumsy and it didn't give me enough info nor time to understand what director wanted to say, to be honest.

so, i left the cinema feeling a bit confused, like i completely skipped or misunderstood movie's point. which made me pretty frustrated. and i'm not trying to say that i'm not smart enough to get this movie :) , no. i'm saying that director did a poor job of wrapping this story up and making it meaningful.

visuals great, but spiritual part of a movie's ending wasn't clear to me. at all.
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