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Two of a Kind (1998–1999)
An unexpected surprise!
8 June 2005
I recently discovered this show in reruns on ABC Family Channel. They are showing it in the mornings on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. It is a very fun show. The interactions between the twins and their father seem very genuine. I wish this show had been on longer. If they ever release this on DVD, I would buy it in an instant. It's a fun show for the whole family.

BTW, I am a teenage guy; so I'm not really the target audience, but this show is just genuinely funny.

If you do like this show, on Tuesdays and Thursdays ABC Family airs the Olsen twins' other show "So Little Time." I don't think that it is quite as good as "Two of a Kind," but it is still better than the average sitcom.

Come on Mary-Kate and Ashley, make another show, you've got a fan right here who would love it!
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Fantastic Movie, Fantastic Music, and a Convincing Plot
5 January 2005
This movie is great from beginning to end.

Hilary Duff shines at her very brightest in this outstanding motion picture. Her acting is her best yet, and her singing is top-notch. She brings the house down with "Someone to Watch Over Me," "Jericho," and her hit single "Fly." She doesn't disappoint her fans and is sure to win over nearly every viewer of this movie.

The supporting cast is great. John Corbett is excellent as always as Hilary's teacher. Oliver James who previously starred in "What a Girl Wants" gets a better role and handles it like a pro. I had never seen Jason Ritter before, but I will be looking for his movies from now on. His portrayal of Hilary's brother is truly great!

The story is actually quite dramatic. This should not be classified with "Duff Fluff." The basic story is about a girl who has a tragedy in her life and tries to come to grips with it while attending a summer music program. The story is a lot more detailed than that, but I don't want to include any spoilers. It sounds corny, but it comes off as very believable and genuine. There are light moments too, but the overall feel is that of a drama.

So, if it has a luminous star, cool music, great support, and a truly above-average story, why do so many people hate it? There are two main reasons.

The first is the star. Hilary Duff has a lot of people who hate her. A quick search of the internet reveals dozens of sights bashing her in the crudest terms. I have heard nearly every interview she has ever done and several other interviews where other people talked about her. She is always cheerful and sweet. So, why the bashing? BECAUSE SHE ISN'T A TRAMP! Every performance she has given (and I've just about seen them all) has been completely clean. Her music videos are absolutely the cleanest on MTV in the past decade. A lot of people want tramps. That is why another former Disney star whom we all know has put out a video lately that's going to give Britney a run for her money. I, for one, don't think an actress should be hated because she ISN'T a tramp.

The other reason is very similar. The movie itself is very clean. The PG rating turns a lot of people off. Aside from one scene involving teenage drinking, this movie is very clean and has a positive message on dealing with grief. There is no sex, no violence, and only a little very mild language. I'm not saying that any movie that's PG-13 or R is trash; I'm just saying that there is no reason to skip a great movie just because it's clean.

Overall, this movie is a fantastic experience for everyone over about 10 or so. (I only say this because there are some "Thematic Elements" that might bother small children.) So, bring your family and watch "Raise Your Voice." It's very possibly the best movie of the year.

ACTING 10/10 STORY 10/10 MUSIC 10/10

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Funny Bond Spoof
21 December 2004
This movie is quite funny despite some periodic crude humor.

Although it is somewhat unbelievable.

Overall it's good.

The basic premise involves a teenage secret agent played excellently.

by "Malcom in the Middle"'s Frankie Muniz.

His romantic interest is played by Hilary Duff.

The sheer energy of the two stars carry this movie.

Angie Harmon does an excellent job also.

It will probably be more appreciated by kids.

But it will find fans in other age groups also.
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Fantastic retelling!
21 December 2004
Hilary Duff, Jennifer Coolidge, and Chad Michael Murray lead a stellar cast in this outstanding update of the classic tale. Great performances all around! Despite a few corny moments, the film does a great job of being genuinely funny. Chad does a good job, even better than in Freaky Friday! Jennifer's kooky humor adds to the merriment as do the excellent supporting roles by Dan Byrd and Regina King.

Hilary is fantastic. She steals every scene! A truly remarkable, and talented young lady! The soundtrack is absolutely amazing! Including Hilary's fantastic renderings of Crash World, The Girl Can Rock, Now You Know, and Anywhere But Here; Haylie Duff's One In This World; and the smash hit Our Lips Are Sealed by Hilary Duff and Haylie Duff.

A great movie for any age group. Absolutely hilarious!
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Best Teen Movie Ever!!
21 December 2004
This has to be the best teen movie ever! All the cast of the series is great in this big screen version. Hilary is at her very best as Lizzie, an all-American, girl-next-door who finds adventure on a school trip to Rome.

The concert scenes are great. Hilary belts out "What Dreams Are Made Of." An absolutely incredible scene. The soundtrack is fantastic with hits from Hilary and Haylie Duff plus classics like An Evening in Roma and Volare.

Alex Borstein is hilarious as Miss Ungermeyer, the school chaperon. There is simply no fault in the whole movie. A fantastic feel-good film for the entire family!
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Excellent Family Movie
21 December 2004
One of the best family movies ever made! Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt are excellent in this modern day adaption of the classic book by Frank B. Gilbreth Jr. and Ernestine Gilbreth Carey. Although not faithful to the original, this movie keeps the spirit of the original in that it shows family as the most important thing while still laughing at the humor of everyday life.

The supporting cast is excellent! All of the actors playing the Baker kids deliver excellent performances. Most notable are Hilary Duff (The Lizzie McGuire Show) and Tom Welling (Smallville). Hilary is great as always and gets to show that she has true potential as a dramatic actress. I'm not a big fan of Ashton Kutcher, but I must admit that he delivers an absolutely hilarious uncredited supporting part.

This movie is a treat for any family. Most parents will find it acceptable for their kids. The only really offensive portion is some "thematic elements" involving the oldest 20-something daughter's living with a guy. This however is portrayed as an improper thing by her parents. Overall, an excellent and surprisingly clean movie. I strongly recommend this movie to anyone!
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