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Very Well-Done Documentary, But It Aches To Be Longer
8 March 2006
I am the author of the definitive book on the so-called "Paul-Is-Dead" hoax ("Turn Me On, Dead Man" by Andru J. Reeve). This was a topic that I began to research in earnest back in 1985, finally publishing the first version of my book in 1993, with an expanded edition issued last year (2005). Like the director of this documentary (Wouter Van Opdorp), I tracked down all the principle players of this drama and interviewed them. But I went further, and uncovered additional new information (the Terry Knight connection is entirely my discovery). Plus, I discuss how the media reacted to the story, both in newspapers and on the radio (and, to a lesser degree, on television news). And I examine the impact on the culture, presenting reasons WHY the rumor started and why it spread the way that it did.

Therefore, my only complaint about "Who Buried Paul McCartney" would be that it doesn't cover the rumor with the same depth my book does. Since Wouter used my book as a source, he should've known all about the wealth of radio shows, TV news programs, etc., that he could've utilized to more completely tell the story. And this wasn't a "time" problem -- the documentary is scarcely 30 minutes in length, so it could've been expanded to feature-length (85 to 95 minutes, which also would have made it more accessible to prospective distributors).

Having said all this, it must be stressed that I really enjoyed "Who Buried Paul McCartney", and I think it certainly stands as a very important addition to the "Paul-Is-Dead" canon. And for the casual viewer, it will serve to explain a great deal of the saga and make some sense of it. However, if the viewer has seen the documentary and then thirsts for more, I hope they will seek out my book.
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Paul Is Dead (2000)
10/10 WHERE can I get a copy of the one-sheet?
5 June 2005
Does anyone out there have a copy of the one-sheet for this movie (the poster used to promote it)? I'm an author (Andru Reeve) who wrote about this film in a book and now I would like to own and frame a one-sheet for my office. Will pay big bucks...

Now, on to the movie. "Paul Is Dead" is a coming-of-age tale that revolves uniquely around the famous fable of Beatle Paul McCartney's death. Although this rumor took place in the late 60s, the action in this film is moved forward 11 years to 1980 and a small town in Germany. A young boy, through an amazing concatenation of events, comes to believe that Paul is not only dead, but that he was MURDERED by an Englishman named Billy Shears. And Mr. Shears is right there, in young Tobias's tiny German hamlet! Tobias becomes a sleuth as he tries to figure out what is going on. At the same time, he grows up, passing from the lightheartedness of childhood into the harsh reality of the adult world. The film is both moving and oddly charming. A perfect "10". Can't wait to see this director's first Hollywood effort!
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