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Stanley's Gig (2000)
A welcome break
17 August 2004
After seeing so many Hollywood blockbusters you get drawn in and think that they're great films, with great direction, great acting, great special effects... but then you watch a film like Stanley's Gig, and it snaps you out of it... Bill Sanderson is excellent as a mentally unfit ukulele player, who lands a job as "Recreation Therapist" for an elderly home with the dream of playing on a cruise ship... Stanley (Bill Sanderson) manages a "breakthrough" at work with an old retired jazz singer, Eleanor Whitney (Marla Gibbs) who seems to want to forget her past, he befriends the elderly woman and finds where she once performed and attempts to set-up a gig for her to sing again. This film is an excellent film and deserves more recognition. The Characters are finely detailed and portrayed even better, it's a very free-flowing film despite needing patience to catch on. I can find no faults except with the occasional slow bit during the film, and i would rate it very highly and grab a copy tomorrow!
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