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Maury (1991– )
My 2 Cents about The Maury Show(Does anyone know why the audience isn't allowed to ask questions or comment?)
4 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I will admit that I do watch the Maury show, however the topics are recycled. How many paternity test shows do we need? Even the television judges are doing it on their shows now. I cringe every time I see women bringing any number of guys on the show and they turn out not to be the father, some argue and say that they are "1 million percent" sure that the guy is the father even after they have had more than 10 guys on the show. They end up looking like tramps as well as liars. I laugh though, whenever a girl says that she is "1 million percent" sure and as Maury reads the results they get up to start dancing, or slap the guy or whatever and then Maury says the dreaded 3-letter word "NOT", they run backstage and cry. Some of them smirk and sit there as if they already knew.

I also noticed that sometimes Maury says "You are..." then pauses, so people think that the guy is the father, then he says "not the father", sometimes you can see a smirk on his face. He tries to appear as if he is helping the girls, when he is really laughing at them inside. It is not all Maury's fault, don't get me wrong because they should know about birth control and they are also showing that they could care less about STDs and STIs. I find these people to be walking stereotypes. I find them shameful.

Especially one girl, who had just brought 14 men to the show to find the father of her THREE children, she found the father of one of them, and I was very happy for her even though she hadn't found the father of the other two ,then months later she sends a video postcard telling Maury that she is pregnant again and will be on the show to find the father of the child she was carrying.

I also hate it when a woman is there for a paternity test and the guy's girlfriend or mom is constantly shouting "He is not the father, go find the real "baby daddy"! That just makes me wish that the guy IS the father so that these people can look stupid. I mean, come on, they weren't there while these people were getting intimate, they should mind their business and just wait and see. Sometimes it hurts me when the guys mom says that the baby isn't her grandchild even after the test proves he is the father, I think that is so ignorant and wrong.

Maury has another topic that he runs into the ground. Young girls having sex, drinking and doing drugs, stealing, catching STD's and so on. Let's start with the STD's, some of these girls are between the ages of 11-17, why is Maury telling people that the girls have STD's or have caught STD's? Even if their parents volunteer this information, I don't think that Maury should.

These girls come out on the stage and they seem like the most horrible girls(notice how there are hardly any teen boys on the show?) Then that guy D-West(ugh!) comes out yelling and spitting everywhere and all the girls go to boot camp, or visit a jail. They are reformed within 48 hrs.

The drag queen shows where the audience tells Maury who they think is a man or not, is a little embarrassing to me. It makes it seem like Maury is trying to pinpoint who has gay tendencies but he is covering it up with the topic.

I HATE the shows with the people with birth defects or the obese ,especially the children. It feels like he is just exploiting them, its true that he gives him gifts and things like that, but it is so sad seeing them like that. I do notice one thing, they seem to be a lot happier and appreciative than children who are "normal" The shows with the obese babies also annoys me, I know that it seems like he may be trying to help them because all the weight can be a health hazard, but I notice that when they are shown in the green room, there are donuts, Cheese Doodles, and other unhealthy foods all around.

The topic teens wanting babies is getting pretty old. They have moms who volunteer to come to the show with their babies to give to these teens to take care of during the course of 24 hours. The babies are crying and wailing till they turn red, then after Maury shows that on the videotape, he says something like "You see, and you think you can handle a baby?" Hello! The babies don't know these girls of course they are going to act up! I get the message, but come on think about it.

The kids dancing and singing isn't so bad though, but the secret crushes or the "I was a geek now I'm super chic" shows really kill me. Is it me or do the men always happen to be strippers and the women always have on the skimpiest of outfits and then act embarrassed when the guy spins them around to see their butts? The FUNNIEST episode of Maury was the plastic surgery episode and someone came out, and all the girls were looking at her like "Yuck" but all the guys were standing up, clapping going "Whoooo!!!!!!!!" So Maury says this is "Allanah" now, here's what she looked like before and they showed a picture of a little boy. I almost choked on my pancakes!
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The Steve Harvey Show (1996–2002)
What Is wrong?
2 January 2007
How come you guys are crediting Merlin Santana and Wendy Raquel Robinson as only being in 4 episodes? You are WRONG! They were in the show for more than 4 episodes. You even put Steve Harvey as being in only 4 episodes. What is wrong with you guys? I am so annoyed at the fact that you don't have trivia for certain shows and then when you do have only ONE trivia question you guys include a "more" link when there is no more trivia.

I don't really know where I should be putting this at, so please don't be upset with me OK guys at internet movie database? I think that you should put that Merlin Santana died in the trivia section. It was very sad and unfortunate.
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Judge Mathis (1998– )
Judge Mathis Sucks(Sometimes)
2 January 2007
I enjoy Judge Mathis and the other judges,but I watch Judge Mathis mostly because I think he is so handsome. However I do not like it when he assumes that people are "crackheads" or in gangs. Sometimes there are people on the show who really are on drugs and in gangs, and then judge Mathis gets on his high horse and criticizes them, and then in the same breath admits to doing those EXACT same things before he became a judge. I think that if he didn't know that his mom was going to die, he would still be into the same things. He also makes comments about the women, which would be borderline sexual harassment in my book. He is at times very arrogant, however there are times when he does make good points and sometimes has compassion for the guests on the show. There was one show during the first season where he was in tears because there was a guy who was into gangs but turned his life around, yet his family still were dwelling on his past after he had made up for his wrong-doings by helping his family out. I commend Judge Mathis, for getting out of the stereotypical trap and getting his G.E.D and then going to college. His story shows that ANYBODY can get back on their feet and make a difference.
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