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Totally Hysterical and a real GEM of a movie. Where is the DVD?????
7 April 2005
I would have to totally agree with some of the other comments, that this is one of the funniest movies that I have ever seen. James Garner, Dick Van Dyke, Elke Sommers, Ethel Merman and others make this movie so hilariously hysterical. Yes it is not an Oscar winning plot, but the story still is so funny that I am hard pressed not to include this in my list of top ten 'Funnist Movies to see' only problem is that unless you find it on the TV as an old movie you cannot see it at all. Which leads me into my question to you 'Imdb'and The Hollywood Moguls how can we solve this horrible oversight. Yes I can play it again in my mind but to watch and hear again especially the hysterical old lady who is cackling "Guillotine! Ha Ha! Guillotine!" would be so awesome, on DVD with lots of bloopers would be a dream come true. Please do not fail us. PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE, (an E for each year of this oversight, let's hope you don't want FFFFFFFFFFFFF's)
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1 Giant Leap (2002)
Awesome, music is the universal language and this one of the best examples that I have had the honour to see and hear.
6 December 2004
This work of pure art, in its' sounds, visual beauty, global heart, and the recognition of spirit and soul is just so awesome that it just takes your breath away. The music is universal and so in tune with the life's' spirit that you cannot help but to be moved and move to its' message. It is possible that the only thing I could say to the negative is that it could have included many other cultures and been another 2-3 hours longer. Also I want the sound track. But the bottom line and the message that we seem to constantly forget is that; We need to always be aware that we are all from the one family of LIFE and that we are all on the same journey in or on this one minute little speck of terra, atmosphere and water, and that we all share the outcome that is put into action. Very bottom line is that we either ALL stand together or we ALL will fall.
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Pepe (1960)
It is one of my most loved movie escapes.
3 September 2004
Now that I have read some put downs, I need to respond.

This movie 'PEPE' (1960) George Sidney, was just what tens of thousands of other movies is, and are supposed to do, that is to give you an escape.

Give you an escape from everyday blaze. It's funny, musical, short on a fabulous plot but wonderful to watch especially if you like to dream that maybe some small unknown would be able to brush elbows with the stars of the era, and save his ('son' as he says) to boot. What's so bad about that??

I'm sorry "Mario Moreno Reyes" Cantinflas did not get a fair shake from Hollywood he had such potential. In my book this is a must see.
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