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One Week (I) (2008)
Pure Canadian Gem
8 March 2009
In my opinion, One Week is one of the best Canadian films to date. I enjoyed it even more than Men with Brooms (which is saying a lot).

I loved taking the journey with Ben. The narrator adds a bit more depth to the plot, as we find how Ben touches various lives along the way. The beautiful scenery (which as a Canadian I take for granted) is visually stunning.

Ben's story in itself is both sad and heart-warming. For those weary of a sad ending, don't be - You will leave the theatre happy and inspired.

I will gladly recommend this movie to all my fellow Canucks and anyone else in the world.
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Twilight (I) (2008)
Guilty Pleasure
24 November 2008
I am a huge fan of the book series. I knew going into the movie that nothing could compare to them.

Having said that, I really enjoyed watching the novel come to life. Surprisingly, the character that stole the show for me was Charlie(!). I loved how his character was portrayed! In my opinion the whole cast suited their roles really well. Rob & Kristen were stunning as Edward and Bella, exactly how I imagined them.

I would have really liked to see the Blood-typing scene, however, unfortunately it did not make the movie (but for a book that is 500 pages, you can't have everything in it). I did love how they created the baseball scene! Also, LOVED the forshadowing to the other novels ;) Overall definitely a guilty pleasure...that I'll be watching many, many times!
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Passchendaele (2008)
Good until the massive Biblical Allusion
27 October 2008
I recently took a large group of students (150) to go see this movie. While it was extremely well done, in terms of historical accuracy. I found the movie spent a little too much time in Calgary developing the story. This was actively promoted as a Canadian WWI movie - however, I felt there wasn't enough time spent focusing on the actual war.

I did enjoy this movie and appreciate what Paul Gross has attempted to do. Canada's role in the world wars tends to be overshadowed and definitely deserves to be put into the light.

My biggest problem with the film is the end. All the realism that had been built up was completely dashed away with the extremely overpowering Biblical allusion - I am Christian and I found it WAY to much to stomach. As I stated it completely took away from any realism the film had going (which was a lot).

All and all educating people on Canadian's role in WWI is very much appreciated. Next time, leave religion out of it.
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Haven (I) (2004)
"Traffic" with a touch of Quentin Tarantino
14 September 2004
I saw the second screening of this film, at the Toronto Film Festival. It reminded me a little bit like the film "Traffic" with a hint of Quentin Tarantino. The movie threads together multiple story lines and shifts back and forth through time.

Bill Paxton has a great performance as a shady business man who escapes with this daughter to the Cayman Islands.

Orlando Bloom's character is the most endearing. I found I could relate to his character the most. Shy (Bloom) was the classic boy from the wrong side of the tracks, who is completely in love with the rich girl, Andrea (Zoe Saldana).

Zoe Saldana has a great performance as well. Her character goes from a sweet girl who makes a complete 180 turn to a druggie /(how to put this politically correct) very easy girl.

Overall I really enjoyed the movie. Frank E. Flowers did a really great job with his debut. The story was really intriguing and the setting was beautiful. A really well done film.
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