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Suicide Club (2001)
One to remember
5 February 2005
I would give this an 8.5 but I can't. This movie, is confusing, beautiful, disgusting, depressing, and, most importantly, totally weird. The opening scene is shocking and disgusting on so many levels. I have seen many horror movies, lots of blood and guts movies, and it truly was shocking. Not to mention several other suicides are VERY disturbing, as a mother slowly chops her own hand off, piece by piece, in the kitchen with a bright smile on her face. The movie continues to open the story of a possible Suicide Club and so it becomes a sort of cop movie. Some scenes are very out of place and endearingly strange, when the main villain breaks out in song while a woman is being raped and killed in a sack in front of him. Many characters are encountered along the way, characters do things you didn't think they would do and people start, what else, but committing suicide. Some parts are actually funny, but you'll find yourself telling yourself that u shouldn't laugh at someone's death. Is it a dark comedy? Sometimes. Is it a drama? Yeah.Thriller? Yup. Gore fest? Kinda. Basically a good movie that is worth the watch, however it requires you to think a little bit. *SHOCK*
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Different Yes, Bad, No
23 October 2004
This movie is completely different from the first. Unlike the first with fast paced action and extreme entertainingly super-stylish gore, Kill Bill vol. 2 is everything that was missing in th first.

The Bride's revenge is burning strong and we can see it in her eyes. We discover the truth behind the wedding massacre and all questions from the 1st movie are answered. We discover why the Bride is the deadliest woman in the world. We discover why Elle is missing an eye. We discover who Bill really is. We discover the Brides name. And finally we discover the truth of the secret revealed at the end of Vol. 1.

Her first target is Budd. The loser bum ex-deadly assassin living in a trailer in the middle of nowhere. The short confrontation ends with one of the most terrifyingly claustrophobia-inducing (sp?) scenes ever...specially if you watch it in the dark. Then we are taken to the journey of how the Bride became the deadliest person in the world. We see the story between her and her hard-hitting very mean master Pai-Mei.

After a while there is the confrontation with Elle Driver...the Battle of the Blonde Uma Thurman referred to it in an interview. This one fight scene is almost as exciting as watching the Bride battling off tons of the Crazy 88s from Vol. 1.

Then the battle we were all waiting for. For Uma Thurman to Kill Bill...well I won't spoil it for you. Basically vol. 1 was 95% style 5% substance while vol. 2 is 95% substance 5% style. Very emotional and touching movie with a few key gore scenes...definitely a must see...
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