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Brabançonne (I) (2014)
Flanders First Movie Musical
17 April 2017
In recent years we had a lot of Flemish films trying to be American thrillers, yet this film preserved the 'Flemish' focusing on ordinary people in their ordinary environments. "Brabançonne" is occasionally a real Belgian joke in the positive sense of the word. Sometimes the story is a bit predictable, but marketed well the expectations a definitely set. "Brabançonne" delivers on every level.

The moment the movie starts you immediately get used to the Flemish and Walloon classic songs, used very effectively in this film. Sometimes you could be worried director Bal went overboard with it, but in the end he never loses focus and everything comes together in a beautiful and overplayed ending bringing nice relaxing and digestible entertainment for all movie and music lovers.
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Life is not always funny.
5 April 2017
Everybody Happy is after Ben X and Tot Altijd again a film that hopes to keep on with realistic tragedy, but especially easy to swallow and does not want to be too confrontational. Depression is grim, oppressive and hopeless. That Everybody Happy isn't at any time. You see the calculated attention to narrative structure, the evolution of characters, the attention to secondary characters, the humor as a diversion.

Then again life is not always funny. Difficult sometimes. People criticize what you do. Friends, family and colleagues. Worse, often the critic is yourself. What a relief to see how it can break out. After you can think about 'I can do this. " This I do. And now. The film shows a great way to see how you can show what you really stand for. Apart from all those prejudices. Apart from all these doubts. Tearful during this film. Happiness then. Because it's possible. Because it can. Because we are much more than we ever dared believe.
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Vincent (I) (2016)
The sun can be found behind the most menacing clouds
26 March 2017
Suicidal teens, depressed mothers, manic ladies, the gap between rich and poor, the global warming, the destruction of the world in general: the Belgian film Vincent has all the dark themes. Screenwriter-producer Jean-Claude Van Rijckeghem, has in his life and career made a point to find the sun behind the most menacing clouds. He makes no exception this time. 'Vincent' seeks a balance between emotional drama and humor jolly. the first gets remarkably well done, thanks to a rich narrative pace and certainly a strong group of actors. Protagonist Spencer Bogaert confirms his talent, Geert Van Rampelberg gives color to the one-dimensional Raf and Barbara Sarafian was as mother Marianne perfect. The nonsense that everything must be put into perspective however, affects less goal. And so 'Vincent' unfolds in the film he at the end of the ride actually always wanted to be: entertaining and smooth, but also harmless and perfect 'middle of the road'.
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Image (2014)
Bold movie set in the heart of the BXL suburbs
12 March 2017
As a Belgian not having much knowledge of the going-on's in Brussels this movie is definitely a must-see. Made by a Moroccan director this movie captures the difficulties of the situations around the suburbs and the representation of its people. Showing mere images can't give you a full context of the things that occur in these places. And although director Adil El Arbi tries to give the immigrants some more personality, the stereotypes never really get neglected. Sometimes the image doesn't tell the whole story.
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Dode Hoek (2017)
Extremely relevant political thriller !
25 January 2017
"Dode Hoek" (Blind Spot) is probably the first movie released in the two parts of Belgium, and also produced in both parts of the country. Peter Van De Begin plays a corrupt police commissioner extremely well. His emotions go from extreme sarcasm to anger, mistrust and grief. Living legend Jan Decleir gives another very good performance while newcomer Soufiane Chilah gives a breakthrough showcase of his acting. The movie itself focuses a lot on racism and extremism on both sides of the law, while being extremely relevant to Belgium after the terrorist attacks in Brussels on march 22 2016. The pacing is a bit weird in the beginning but after a shocking reveal in the middle non-stop suspense keeps you on the edge of your seat till the credits start, and the ending will leave you question certain politic choices made on behalf of our freedom, while ignoring the blind spots.
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A thrilling journey of 1 decisive bullet
18 January 2017
This new movie from director Erik Van Looy is honestly one of the most well made movies ever made in Belgium. It takes the usual Belgian movie tropes but also adds a lot of American influences. There are a lot of unexpected twists that add to the social commentary of the current political climate. Besides this, the performance from main lead Koen De Bouw is astounding. Together with the amazing soundtrack the movie has a lot of suspense that kept me on the edge of my seat, never checking my phone or anything. You are really enthralled into the story. The best character in the movie is by far the Driver who is not all that meets the eye. In the end this is a really well made thriller suitable for a wide audience that will grip you till the end.
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