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Out (III) (2017)
An inspired directorial debut
21 November 2017
Fine script, seamless acting, stunning interplay of several languages. The situations in which the protagonist finds himself are bizarre, hilarious, and often completely random, but never tastelessly exaggerated.

The cinematography is truly mesmerising, and the way the symbol of the fish is woven into the film is very clever.

The director confirmed that the lead actor only speaks Hungarian, and had to learn his (many!) lines in other languages phonetically, which is frankly undetectable in the film.

Don't miss it!
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Precisely as expected
21 November 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of this year's exciting new titles that are definitely worth seeing on the big screen. It is a logical continuation of the events and shows us the dark side of the Capitol hauntingly and without reserve. Passing proper judgment on aspects such as character development is not easy without having read the books, but I did find Katniss' concern and affection for Peeta slightly exaggerated, even when still considering everything they went through together. What I liked the most was the series of "moves and counter-moves" on the part of the rebels and the Capitol in an attempt to outplay each other, and I thought that was rather aptly portrayed. Despite the fact that it is just the tiniest bit slower-moving than the previous two films, there is enough action to keep you on the edge of your seat, as well as this franchise's standard share of sacrifice and moving moments. Perhaps the twists and turns had more impact on me as I haven't read the books, but I'd still rate this as an overall enjoyable film, with a cool score and good performances.
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