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Mountain Goats (2014– )
Complete and utter drivel
21 August 2015
Sat down on Friday night to see what was on, decided on this new 'comedy' offering on the BBC, after 10 minutes of childish humour accompanied with canned laughter and terrible acting i had to come to IMDb to check it's rating; I was shocked to see it has 6/10, i feel it should be much lower than this.

It feels like something of children's TV, i wouldn't actually rate it so low if it was shown in the evening, but for 10:30 at night, i want something a bit less childish and something more intellectually humorous, deeper characters.

The quality of the BBC comedy used to be so much better than it is now, maybe it's just my older years (26), they don't seem to have made/shown anything genuinely funny in years.
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The Ark (2015 TV Movie)
Not bad, but also not great.
3 April 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I feel like this TV movie could have been condensed into 60 Minutes as the middle section felt like it dragged on just a bit too much and i found the end not very satisfying, as someone said in the comments below, 'blink and you'll miss it' has never been so true with regards to the flood, some heavy rain followed by a cut back to show the Earth from space followed by them walking on dry land again, i found that very anti climactic.

It features a mish-mash of different accents and ethnicities, i understand this is the 21st century but as this drama was set so long ago i feel the BBC didn't need to be so politically correct as it takes you out of your suspension of disbelief.

They tried hard to give the characters some back story in a vain attempt the make us care about their fate, and i wouldn't say it failed completely, David Threlfall put in a great performance as did his wife but their children didn't have any individuality or personalities, they were all very wooden and seemed to be reading from a script quite obviously.

They were quite cheap on the effects like the storm itself and the boat didn't look particularly durable but then again this isn't a blockbuster movie, if you're willing to overlook that and the mixture of characters and accents then you'll find it to be watchable if not memorable.
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