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Loved it, but there's a good reason this movie's rated R...
24 August 2004
I've seen The Exorcist before. The first one, I mean. I've never seen any of the others, but I'm OK with that. The Exorcist was never really big with me so when I saw previews on TV for The Exorcist: The Beginning, I was like 'Oh God, don't tell me this is another one.' But, surprisingly, the previews got to me because the day the movie came out, I went with a friend and I saw it. I am such a hypocrite...

The movie was far FAR better than I expected. From the beginning, I was hooked. The opening scene was... frightening. I'm all for horror movies. In fact, it's my favorite genre, but this movie (from the beginning!) was truly scary.

After the opening scene it kinda dragged on for a short while, but the concept and ideas behind the movie were truly interesting and there were some surprising and not-so-easily-guessed twists throughout the plot.

Is there a down side? Of course there is. There is a down side to every movie. Like I said before, after the opening scene, the movie kinda dragged on and at some points it was almost difficult to understand. And some things aren't thoroughly explained and leave some small (but annoying) loose ends. Sequel (to the prequel...)? Hmm, probably.

WARNING! There is some violence and gore throughout random and unexpected parts of the movie and it's realistic and straight-forward. And there's some 'bad' but oddly amusing language at some points. I don't want to give away anything so I'll just leave it at this: beware.

FINAL THOUGHT: Great tribute to Linda Blair (please stay for the whole movie to see what I mean), but be prepared to wet yourself (or at least cringe) when some of the more gory scenes come up.
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Donnie Darko (2001)
DD had it's confusing points, but it was certainly fascinating...
2 August 2004
I've never seen a movie quite like Donnie Darko and I can guarantee I will never see one like it again. For some unknown reason this movie had a good grasp on my attention and never let go.

The plot is confusing and it's hard to even summarize, but I can tell you it had such elements as fear, time travel, destiny, teen romance... and how can I forget demonic bunnies and pedophiles? This movie is so far-fetched but it's one of the best (and certainly most deranged) movies I've ever seen.

And if you're wondering, Donnie Darko is the name of the main character. Poor Donnie seems a bit on the schizo side(what with seeing those demonic bunnies) but he's a great character and one of the most interesting protagonists(?) I've ever seen. And the other characters certainly add a little somethin' to the awesomely outlandish yet amazing plot.

Things just don't get any weirder than Donnie Darko.

Final Thought: Watch-worthy but don't strain yourself too hard trying to realize what's going on. I did, and now I have a headache.
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Aqua Teen Hunger Force (2000–2015)
Do they ever stop crime? No. But that doesn't make it any less of a TV show...
30 July 2004
In the very beginning of the show, during the opening song, you see Frylock, (Master) Shake, and Meatwad fighting the bad guys and quite possibly kicking some butt. During the actual show, though, they argue and basically cause some problems for themselves and their in-desperate-need-of-anger-management neighbor, Carl.

And at the beginning, before the opening song, there is a little skit with Dr. Weird and his assistant, Steve. Dr. Weird is always inventing odd and dangerous things which never benefit anyone. In fact, he sometimes end up killing himself (and his assistant) with whatever it was he came up with.

I personally think it's a great show with some really funny material that you can't find anywhere else, such as the Broodwich and the talking trees that put Shake on trial for dumping oil near by.

Frylock's, Shake's, and Meatwad's personalities make the show much more watchable as well. They're so opposite, but they go great together and it wouldn't be right without them. Frylock is the smart one who actually has something going for him: common sense (and the ability to fly). Shake is the trouble-maker. And the idiot. He could be (I believe) successful if he tried but he is waaay too lazy. He always wants to make an easy buck but never wants to do it the honest way and earn it. Meatwad (my personal fav) is kind of the innocent one. He's sweet to a point and likes to dance. He's almost like the child of the trio. Then there's the neighbor, Carl (my second fav). He's obnoxious and says frickin' and freakin' a lot.

Final Thought on ATHF: Disturbing but can't live without it.
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