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Cheeni Kum (2007)
Its an Wonderful Romance Movie (Wont give Comedy Tag- sorry)
14 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
First hats off to Balki. Such an wonderful concept brought into reality. This do happen in real life, but the way Amitabh has been pictured is simply awesome. Amitabh has done his role as a 64 year old, cranky, egoistic male part. And another best think the whole movie has completely built up on two thinks, the intelligent humuroustic dialogue by the characters and acting. The only place where i cringed was the last seen where Amitabh did that cock-run after hearing sexy's death. But again, if you don't give that thing in a Indian Movie then its not an Indian movie right. So that is forgiven. I will at any point of time an entertainer all the way to end of movie. But Sexy, i don't want to mention her here, because i don't know how to put down my appreciation, she did exactly the way these days kids talk to elders, fearless, more matured (sometime in badataste) but in totality i think she did a fantastic job.
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In My Country (2004)
I should say it presented only one side more
29 July 2006
I am surprised that it got only 5.8 on the score card. But at the same time should say that it is not one of my best movies. You know something, being an ex-militarily connected man, i think it says only one side story. I don't think, any war, in the world, be it between just two man, or 200 thousand man or between two countries, the so called atrocities goes on both sides. The winner always gets the good publicity. This i have always seen it. I think this picture too presents that. Please don't read in between lines, i am no supporter of aparthied, what i say is that there cannot be just only one incident, where a white man was involved and all other 27168 ppl interviewed happened to be black. I think that movie lost its genuinity at that point is my perception. They could have come equally out with incidents. And press, how much i hate them, they glorify some one overnight next day they screw them if they don't like, i think thats what is presented in this movie. i think so much of passion they just rekindle by gorifying the deaths and victims stories, but again they are wolves, they live on dead meats, we cant help them. Let them be so. Over all, the movie is a good movie, albeit few additional points they could have considered.

PS: If any of you think i am whiteman, sorry, except my white hair nothing is white on my body(of course that liquid will always be white universally, whichever race or region you belong too).
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Saving Face (2004)
Wonderful movie
3 July 2006
Alice Wu's first movie. I cant just believe it. She has done wonderful job. This is one of the most correctly and lightly depicted, how much we worry about social stigmas rather than doing what your heart wants. To undertstand this movie, you must know at least some the hard and fast rules of Asian Traditions which most of the people still live by. And countries like China and India and few others thrive on this and there comes the problem of social Stigma. Most of the people worry about what others would say rather than what i am doing is correct because this what i want. No we don't take such decisions in this part of the world. I loved each and every frame of this movie. The ending is some what intriguing to me, because, this ending happened because that was America but i don't think still it would have happened in mainland. Very difficult. I would rate this as a collectors Item.
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Daas (2005)
I wish these fellas will learn
21 June 2006
Why cant they copy any other good English movie if their brain doesn't work. God this movie is piece of master work by an imbecile. I will recommend this movie only to those people who wants to take revenge on their in-laws or friends or wants to do a soft kill of their enemy. Take them to this movie, i am sure they will die instantly. I am sure when the director took this movie, he took only his relatives into consideration who have acted in this movie, nothing else. Had he taken the audiences, he would have at least pumped in some story/plot something to vaguely remind us that we do have brain. But alas, this fellow has completely ignored all this logical sensibility's. The best ever thing that happened in the movie is the climax, i laughed, laughed and laughed. Can you imagine someone planting a bomb on a Foot ball and thats going blast and kill all the spectators, instead of moving the spectators, the hero gives a rousing speech, to the people of India, his friend, friends father and his lover then kicks the ball into the air, where the bomb harmlessly blasts and everyone is saved. Wah Wah. What a plot, what a climax. You will laugh your heads off. Stay clear out of this movie. Never to be watched not even on trailers.
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Casablanca (1942)
So Human
9 June 2006
I loved every frame of this movie. In all its aspects, be it photography, filming, presentation and the last but not the least the acting by Henry and Ingrid. God. Its so Awesome. Some of the scenes were so beautifully picturised and depicted, my most memorable scenes are the one when Ilsa comes back to the bar to see Rick and Rick says i have kept the first drink for you (or similar to that not exact dialogue of course). In that scene both have done well and so human. Rick behaved like a normal man who would have behaved the way he does in the movie, when you encounter your or meet your broken love. Similarly Ilsa also acts trying to explain the circumstances.

I wish we could get more movies like this.
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Good Romantic
6 October 2005
People might think i am mad to give 8. But somehow i liked the way the picture has been presented. Complexity in the relationship i think it has been subtly but strongly depicted. another good point is this movie took the suspense tempo so well till the end of (or nearer to the end)the movie. Forget about certain illogical sequences, how this could happen or what, but the most appreciable thing was the suspense was never broken till the last few scenes, the tempo was kept without losing it, romance bit was there to show how people are so blind sometimes, they miss the real love and run after beauty. Hey i liked it. Its good movie to make your mood lighter.
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Mumbai Xpress (2005)
One of those Kamal's not so good movies
2 May 2005
I am sorry. Let me be very frank, if you are looking for Kamal's acting or pasupathy's performance like in Virumandi, then please avoid this movie. But if you want to laugh your heart out and forget the story, logic etc etc then please do go to this movie.

Movie as a whole has very weak plot, Kamal looks like was not really sure how he wanted to end the movie and what message he wanted to give. The story goes like this, Chidambaram (Pashupathy) and his two friends - codenamed B and C -make a plan to kidnap the son of a rich builder. They discuss their foolproof plan sitting at their adda in Mumbai's Dharavi.

But there comes the first problem in whole problematic kidnapping Episode. - C is rushed for an appendicitis operation. A (Chidhambaram, of course!) and B are stopped by C's wife from abandoning the plan and further recommends her much talented brother Mumbai Xpress in place of her husband.

Avinashi (Kamal Haasan), who is deaf, (Mumbai Xpress is only a nickname as , if you're wondering). Xpress jinxes the endeavour and a series of unfortunate events like horse bites, car crashes and accidents ensue. Eventually, Avinash manages to kidnap a boy but he is not the boy. Their starts the whole confusion for us as well as for the director. He was not sure how to take the movie further put everyone including the audiences in a tight spin.

I kept wondering, did he wanted to say that father(or parental patronage) is very important to a boy/child, or did he wanted to stress all the women like is bundles and bundles of money or did he wanted to say following the 'straight path' is good in life. Keep guessing it. Some of the picturisation especially at the Slum shots with over head aircrafts flying was damn good.

My best scene is the School prayer scene where the children who watches Kamal and play the song with expression of emotions while he tries to climb the rope, it was a real good idea. I think Kamal is one of those few good directors who can think of such peculiar but reality situations.

But still my sincere suggestion to Kamal would be to go back to Western movies and adopt some stories like he did earlier and give us a new tamil Movie.
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Thenali (2000)
Poorly done version of What about Bob
30 April 2005
God, just because Kamal i left this movie. What he has proved in this movie is how good he can copy a western movie and badly make it. I am totally disappointed. I know Tamil Cinema sometimes live on borrowed story lines but to copy a good movie and remake it badly is really a sin.

There is nothing much to say about the acting, if Kamal feels talking Srilankan Tamil is a new way of acting (thats the only thing i found amusing) then he should forget expecting niceties from movie buffs. Performance wise i didn't see any great performance in this movie. All mediocre.

I hope Bill Murray doesn't see this movie, he might kill himself.
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