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Beauty and the Beast (2012–2016)
Just be patient
20 October 2012
I really like the idea of a Beauty more determined and more ready to kick some the quest for the truth. It is a different concept and a different Vincent. I truly don't get it how can one review a TV show after such a short while. Clearly some of us need to be patient. They will fall in love...I mean you have to be blind not to notice the chemistry ( she is obviously extremely attracted to him and vice versa)but where will be the fun if he would jump her bones in the first episodes? Also , the obvious adrenaline issue ( he turns when it kicks in) which was so carefully underlined by his friend -" Remember what happened the last time you made the play list?" - will most likely be in the way.

I mean, really you guys , give it a chance and stop expecting hot sex and blasting love from the first episodes. will say the kiss ( which has yet to happen) was lame. Does anybody remember the classic series? How long did it took for them to actually kiss...
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