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Prometheus (I) (2012)
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12 October 2012
Honestly, I've never seen such a ridiculous amount of bad reviews for a film that doesn't deserve it. A common problem seems to be the character's flaws. It's a bloody sci if film. Exactly how much fun do you think this would be if they were NASA trained scientists? They'd run a light year at the first sight of danger and at least impose instant lockdowns. What kind of story would that make? Plus, these character flaws are evident in all the previous/following Alien films. It's the mistakes that are made which cause the story. I'm not saying this film is flawless, it's really no patch on the first 2 Alien films, but it's a very good sci fi film directed by one of the finest out there. Plus Scott has said numerous times that this shouldn't be treated as a direct prequel.

You can't really fault the acting (Fassbender is immense) and the visual aspects are very impressive. I won't give away much of the plot, my phone's stupid keypad is doing my head in, but please don't be put off by the overly critical reviews. These are clearly fanboys wanting the best film ever made. 1/10 is frankly an insult. I really hope the rumours of a further prequel are true, the story definitely needs it.

So, basically, not as good as the first 2, but well worth a watch. Just don't put your 'this has to be better than the originals' head on, because it isn't. That would have to be one hell of a film.
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