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Continuum: Lost Hours (I) (2015)
Season 4, Episode 1
Continuum: The Video Game
17 November 2015
This once gritty, slightly dark scifi story has now been reduced to a multiplayer 1st person shooter. In fact, I'm convinced that while the writers were coming up with the opening sequence something like the phrase, "... yeah, we'll make it like a video game! That's our viewer demographic!!", was said. The graphics, action, story, editing and sound were all as exciting as a cut scene from Halo 12. I found it lazy and weak. It turned me off to the show.

I can also no longer take Rachel Nichols's acting style, the insistent pause before saying anything, the constant down energy. Just no. Plus, there's no more story to tell. Most shows don't end by design, they end because the writers run out of ideas and slowly watch their show starve to death. Continuum could have easily ended in season 3 with Kiera going back home, but no, we had to invent a new bader future with new bader guys. Oh the drama, the suspense, the paychecks. Kudos for being working actors and holding onto a gig but the show is being fed fast-food with no real substance.

Nevermind me. What do I know about these things? I've never written, directed, produced or started in anything. I'm just a stupid audience member. But seriously, I bet a lot of people loved the pov game style stuff, fo real doh.
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Work on Nothing From Your Home Office!
9 June 2015
We loved this movie. Terry, thank you thank you thank you. Please never stop making movies.

Color palettes, sound, pacing, story and giant accordion tubing, all perfect. We never once got bored, ahead or behind of the story. We would have loved the advertising marquee to have been more like personalized marketing (remarketing), like in Minority Report when John Anderton walks into The Gap with someone else's eyes, but wonderful nonetheless.

Our favorite elements are all the ridiculous aspects of their world that translate into just as ridiculous aspects of ours. Social commentary at its finest. We work at home, in technology. So, we found many wonderful parallels to our life. I have to go now, I'm getting my call.

Remember, we're all in it together!
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