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its alright
20 October 2004
i think tower of terror is pretty cheesy. its got some romantic scenes, but nothing over G. its a really basic story line, guy needs something for magazine, finds the "tower of terror", solves the problem. he investigates, gets in trouble, is saved, word gets out, and mean while his love interest who dosn't really like him is beginning to really not like him and at the end they like each other. kids like it and adults think it kind of stinks. but hey, Disney made it, and Disney makes things for kids, so who are we to complain if its not made for us? all in all, its alright. but it does get old. i do like the ride at Disney! its based on the movie and it rocks! its scary but it is really neat.
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Phil of the Future (2004–2006)
Disney's worst show yet
18 July 2004
Disney started off making great shows that taught kids to be respectful and kind. i had always admired them from afar. but when i heard about phil of the future i thought it was going to be great. boy was i wrong. when the show premiered, i made a note to watch it, but other plans interfered. the other night i turned on the tube and it was on. so i decided to check it out. the story line was basically the same as even stevens and lizzie mcguire. the show starts off, with phil and keily having fun and everything going well. then the mean person goes and does something and keily and phil have to make things right before the mean person tells the whole school. mean while, the subplot is going on. pim is having her own troubles. then there is a commercial and when the show comes back everything ends happily ever after. totally typical. ricky olman is a good actor and keily does her part well. pim is a so-so actress and annoys the you-know-what out of me. the parents deserve a worthy effort for their acting and agreeing to be on this terrible show in the first place. agree with me or not, i don't care but this is my opinion and i want everyone to know i am very disappointed with Disney.
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