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Snakes on a _________ plane...
20 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
The fake snakes were fake to say the least. The actions and movements of the snakes was a little lame as well. I found this movie to be quite hilarious and I laughed through most of the film. The spoilers... haha... umm The latrine, mile-high club and a doobie: snake pops in through the ceiling and bites her nipple! lol Another guy goes to the latrine to take a leak: "How's my big boy?", he says to his tool. A snake flies up out of the toilet and latches on to you know what. LOL Snakes go into people's eyes, mouths and other orifices. Absolutely funny! About 15 minutes before the movie is over, Jackson finally says the words he's famous for saying and gets the look on his face that we all know and love. He only said it maybe 3 times in a 2 minute span. I gave it a 6 because of the hilarity. If Jackson hadn't said what he said, I would have gone lower.
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It's been done...
21 May 2006
Warning: Spoilers
It was a decent flick, but... what can I say, it's been done before. Anyone see National Treasure? Mix that with religion and you get this movie... the "ease" at which he figured out puzzles reminded me of Bruce Willis in The Fifth Element. Who would have guessed that "Magneto" (Ian McKellen) would have been the bad guy in all this? OK, maybe you wouldn't see that coming, but when it happens, there's no surprise. The plot was pretty good and not overly predictable. I also expect people to destroy the glass pyramid thingy (Pyramide du Louvre) in the end to look for Jesus' wife, people are crazy and often can't tell fact from fiction, movie from reality. There are some things that would make the open-minded think, "yes, this could be possible". I'm sure it will offend some people, and those kinds of people should stay home in their closets. Like I said, it's a decent flick, go see it.
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mmm pointy
3 July 2004
I registered just so I could reply with "mmm pointy" in regards to "See, you tune in expecting comedy, and walk away gagging yourself with a pointy stick." and furthermore I agree wholeheartedly. The only other thing I can think of regarding home videos and pictures is the infamous slide shows I remember people having in the 70's. The commentary is horrible, the Hollywood Squares yosh was bad, but nothing like Bob Saget! That dude sucked on, what was it, full house! Will people just laugh at anything or do they need some help with THC? It's also amazing at the good things they kill off and the crap they leave on the air for years on end. At least the Simpson's are still on...
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