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Middle age crises in an original way
10 September 2005
This was a funny movie, compared to most of french comedies. It had an original script, a good rhythm, a narrator, a relatively good actor's direction,and despite its lightness, it was quite moving in the end. As usual with most of French films, the ending is not that elaborated. But in general I think it is worth seeing it for laughing a little bit and think about your own ghosts. The flight simulator was a good add-in, and gave the film a very original feature. Marion Cotillard's was good as well, although she was not very present in the film. It'd preferable to develop a bit more their relationship... Ludo's role is fantastic as well.
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Fantastic Four (I) (2005)
Mediocre dialogs..
21 July 2005
I am not a fan of this comic, but, as most of the people, I was curious about the film. But I have to say this was a horrible experience. I wanted to get out of the cinema… One of the worst films I've seen... The main problem of this movie is the poor-silly-mediocre script it had, with the worst dialogs and conversations I've heard in years. A complete stereotype of the "scientific", the "rich and villain", etc… You can make a good movie even with the simplest story, if you have a good script, and well-made scenario. But I do not think the producers made a very big effort to have something interesting…. The only word coming to my mind is that one:

M E D I O C R E.
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