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Trainspotting (1996)
Sublimely excellent
10 December 2004
After reading some of the reviews that trash this film I had to speak up.

This film is gritty and dirty. There is content which is not pleasant, swearing and violence amounts other things. What else would you expect a film about drug addiction to be about? Well more than that actually, it about choices and what you Choose! Never at any point did this film make drugs look at all appealing to me in any way, I never did understand why so many people thought that it did. At no point did it ever say "Look at this, its cool." For those who think the level of swearing in this film is too much then they clearly haven't spent any time with working class people in Britain, not just Scotland. I being one of them can say its fairly accurate in that account.

That being said, those things do not take anything away from the film, the quality of plot and story, or the acting which is Stunning! Robert Carlise as Begbe was excellent, and Ewan MacGregor shined. Also the character Spud was worth a mention he really was quite good.

This film is in my Opinion a work of Genius, that represents the book accurately.
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Social avarice with a sublime black humour
13 November 2004
Its easy to see why people think this film is over violent and trying to shock, but then thats because they just don't get the finer nuances.

This film is Excellent. The direction is amazing and Bettany, Thewlis and McDowell are all superb. The film runs from the point of view of the main character, Gangster, He shows how he got to the top of his game to be Gangster No1. All of the violence in the film makes a valid point some of it is horrific, none of it is unnecessary. The film also comments on the social avarice that penetrates our society, wealth, power and fame, I think the points it makes are truly justified.

Why do some people dislike this film? They are uncomfortable with people being portrayed as being comfortable with violence, and thats because the director wants you to be, and because the Actors are so good at it. The film freaked me out in two scenes and there was no violence just excellent direction and Acting.

Well worth watching, well worth buying on DVD.
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Equilibrium (2002)
11 August 2004
I loved this film. It achieves eye catching fight scenes that appear based in reality, unlike the matrix.

Although the story isn't that original, a fact even the director admits, ex 1984, Brave new world. It is a refreshing view.

I can watch the fight scenes over and over again, they are flawless. They are violent but add to the storyline, and convince you that the Clerics are not to be messed with at all.

Sean Bean was excellent as always but Christian Bale stole the film, an excellent casting choice.

Also the film score is fantastic!

Ten out of ten from me
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