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Never takes itself seriously....almost(spoilers, maybe)
9 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
The movie was everything I expected. My the comedy was outstanding. The movie excelled at being pure entertainment. The movie never stopped surprising me. Sometimes during previews for a movie they completely give away the best scenes. However, the scenes during the trailer evolved differently than I suspected. The only problem I had was that the feel of the movie took a much too long serious turn toward the movie when they went to the bar. I was hoping the movie would continue to the end without being cliché, but this scene proved otherwise. Aside from this issue, the rest of the movie was great. I especially enjoyed the performance by Nick Frost(Ed). His delivery was priceless! Worthseeing by anyone who enjoys comedy at its finest!
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Pure entertainment at its finest!
9 December 2004
The first Blade was awesome. So was the second, but the element of cheesiness was more present. Trinity was awesome because it took the necessary elements from the Blade storyline and combined them with the best action of all the movies and a strong influence of comedy. Some of the best parts of the first two movies were the most cheesy ones. Trinity never made the mistake of taking itself too seriously. The reviews I saw of the movie from both critics and general viewers made me think this movie would turn out to be lacking in the action/acting departments. However, it felt like a Blade movie except it was also a lot more funny. The humor was heavy at times but due to good writing and Ryan Reynolds' delivery it never got excessive. The CG was amazing as well, especially when Dracula change to his monster-esque form. It never looked fake. I am always looking for something cool and interesting in the weapons department and Trinity didn't disappoint. I was a little worried about acting from both Ryan and Jessica but they did fine. Ryan was never completely serious and Jessica wasn't boring. I am ready to see it again. I wasn't prepared to give this a movie a 10 because I reserve that for epics like Gladiator/Braveheart, but when I looked at the rank menu and next to 10 its has "(excellent)", I had to vote ten because excellent is what Blade Trinity was.
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Better than I expected
10 September 2004
I was pleasantly surprised with this movie. I was worried about all the bad reviews this movie was given, but realized that most of them were by people who judge every movie by how many Oscars it can win. This movie will win none, and it shouldn't. What a movie like this should be is entertaining and keeps its roots with the game. I think it accomplished both. Also, it kept up good suspense, and had many surprising moments. The final fight was the worst part of the movie, but still was acceptable. Even though Alice is a made up character(in relation to the game), I thought her presence was beneficial to the movie. The acting was fine, and I liked Mike Epps character, even though he wasn't vital for the plot. His comic relief was always welcome. This movie also gave a good background of what the first movie set up, which was good for people who haven't seen the first Resident Evil, but was efficient enough to not waste the time of those who did see RE1. The only thing I wished was that Marilyn Manson scored this movie, because he did such a great job of using the music to set the atmosphere of each scene in RE1. However, great movie. Go see it in theaters.
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Scoring Resident Evil (2002 Video)
Wow, Manson proves his intelligence
8 September 2004
I don't care for the majority of his music. However, he should score movies more often. His music was the perfect element for the type of atmosphere that this movie displays. His words in the featurette basically state what his goals were for the score, and they are right on target for resident evil. Anyone who sees an interview with Manson will quickly realize he is very intelligent. His music and very underdeveloped, aside from the mixing and writing. His stage presence is a joke. But, he does know how to mix. Therefore, he knows how to create a soundtrack for a movie. It's a shame he isn't on board for RE2. I think his talent lies here, in scoring, and he should pursue it more so the movie industry has another quality composer. I have no doubt that as long as he is on the same level as the director, his music will deliver.
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Ying xiong (2002)
At an hour and a half, this movie was too long!
29 August 2004
Warning: Spoilers
(Contains spoilers) As good as many aspects of were, "Hero" still waisted my time. The action was of the highest quality. The story started out boring and developed to being very intricate. Acting was great. Music was excellent. Use of colors, cinematography, shots, etc., was outstanding. This movie's fatal flaw was that it took way too long to emphasize the emotion of a particular character or scene. However, it still wasted my time in many regards because many of the displays of emotion were too overdrawn. For example, The final time Moon approached Sky and Broken Sword, she kept running, and running, and running, and running, and running.

She kept screaming, and screaming, and screaming, and screaming, get the point. Also, in the end when Qin's army kept repeating "Execute him" to the point that I thought I was watching Jesus Christ, Superstar, I wanted to break something. This occurred so often, and to such a degree, that my ranking went from a 9 to a 6. Too many times did I say to myself, "I got what you're trying to say, move on!" Was it visually stimulating, yes. Was the story well done, yes. Did it fail to be a good movie, absolutely.
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Great movie, but camera too jerky/choppy during action sequences
25 July 2004
This movie was a great continuation from the first movie. Good story, acting, and a lot was accomplished in 1hr, 48 minutes(run time). It always kept my attention. The only problem I had was the choppy, jerky camera work during the action sequences. The example I will use is the fight in the home of the other agent Bourne worked with. The fight was intense, and well done, but it was extremely hard to see exactly what happened during it. I know that the point to make the camera work chaotic during a fight is took make it look realistic(like the viewer is actually in the fight), but the whole point of WATCHING a movie is for the audience to easily SEE what the director created. Watching the movie shouldn't require work. The sequence in "Bourne Identity" in Bourne's apartment with the blonde-haired assassin was one of the best fight sequences I have ever seen. Every motion was fluid and well displayed for the audience, while keeping the fight intense. In my opinion, it's OK to sacrifice some realism for the sake of the audience being able to see the fight more easily. Other than that, the movie was great. Without the jerky camera movement, this movie would be a 10 out of 10. Go see it if you haven't!
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Spider-Man 2 (2004)
Great sequel
30 June 2004
I thought it would be hard to top the first movie. Sam Raimi didn't disappoint. Just from an entertainment standpoint, this movie was a 10 out of 10. It delivered on the points of writing, acting, action, and special effects almost flawlessly. I am beginning to see some potential in Kirsten Dunst as well. Tobey Maquire was great, the rest of the cast was beneficial to the whole of the movie as well. I especially liked the cameo of Bruce Campbell at the theater where Mary Jane performs. From the Evil Dead trilogy to spider-man, kick ass! Doc Ock was a great villain as well(I have never doubted Alfred Molina's acting ability). In recent years, when you put Sam Raimi and Danny Elfman together, you will witness a movie that is both visually and audibly superb. I haven't read the comic book so there are more than likely some issues as to the story's precision, but for the general populous this matters not. One of the best film's of the year(if not the best so far). I highly recommend seeing this one. As the critic of the St Louis post dispatch said, "Don't dismiss this film just because of it's basis being from a comic book."
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