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Ghost Hunters (2004– )
an entertaining show
23 July 2006
For the most part, I really enjoy watching Ghost Hunters. I didn't think Sci Fi would take a chance on something like this, just knowing it could possibly be an hour of just guys in a dark house. But I like the main 'cast' (yeah .. that's not the word I wanted to use).

The Eastern State phantom still bothers me. I don't know what a ghost looks like, but this guy(?) appears to be someone in a black cloak walking towards and away from the camera ... and that's about it. It seems solid and nothing indicates this is a ghost to me. Jason has menioned the odd movement about it and Brain is unable to recreate this on the catwalk. He also mentioned the thing was only four feet tall which is odd because this makes what ... the third or fourth four foot tall entity they've spotted, which is really suspiscious to me. I wonder if there is a small person on the GH payroll!
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The Six Million Dollar Man (1973 TV Movie)
I remember this
25 April 2006
Although I haven't seen this show in years, I do have very fond memories of it. I recall it came on every Sunday night either before or after the new Hardy Boys show and I was pretty much addicted to it. It's a part of my past ... like it or not! Just like Superfriends, Sid and Marty Kroft, Big Wheels and my old neighborhood friends. I would have to admit it would be a most difficult thing for me to objectively review this show. That's the problem with nostalgia -one tends to idealize the past. I have my own perception of the show and I don't know how it would stack up to reality. I like to think of the show as something that I liked but left behind long ago. Not that I wouldn't be up to watching a few episodes now but it just wouldn't be the same.
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Undead (2003)
brain-dead fun
1 April 2006
Before watching this I saw this title listed on Roger Ebert's top ten worst films of the year. In fact, it may have held the number three spot if I'm not mistaken. I disagree. The alien plot was at least something I haven't seen in a zombie film (and it's nothing like Plan 9 either!). It was a real campy, outlandish film and completely different than what the trailer might have suggested. Apparently the budget was very low but that didn't keep the filmmakers from dealing with big-budget concepts. Felicity Mason was beautiful, there are scenes with zombie fish, death by exploding soda can, particles of a comet taking people out, some cool weapons. A fun movie, and much more enjoyable than a few Oscar-worthy films I saw last year!
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Sin City (2005)
dark, beautiful, over-the-top
12 February 2006
I'm not going to say much more than what everyone else has said about this film. Most faithful comic book adaptation to date. And yes ... best performance of Rouke's career.

I was a bit worried about this film. I've been a huge Miller fan since 1988 and I know what works on paper doesn't work on film. When I saw the pics of Yellow Bastard and Marv, I just didn't know what to think. Really didn't know it was going to completely take the look of the book and use it. And I'm not one of those people who loathed Robocop 2 ... I actually thought it was a pretty fun movie. But the third Robo film was completely terrible, and I fault that on the script written by Mr. Miller. I wasn't sure what people who weren't familiar with the source material would think about the movie. Well, it turns out that it works well whether you've heard of Marv and Goldie or not. Objectively, it's just a great beautiful looking film. Completely unique, violent but fun.

The scene with Bruce Willis in the jail cell is really haunting. It just looks like he's suspended in time, the worse kind of limbo and the viusals really help us connect with what he's going through as the years pass.
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May (2002)
I can't believe it took me so long to see this
10 February 2006
I remember hearing the buzz on this movie awhile back but never rented it. We have a bad snow storm headed our way so I figured I'd rent a few movies and stay indoors. Rented this on a whim and I was really amazed! You pretty much have a good idea where the movie is going, but there are a lot of truly strange and touching moments along the way.

Angela Bettis is such a fantastic actress! Her jittery mannerisms are near perfect. And towards the end she becomes more self-assured and confident when she starts down her dark path. It almost makes me want to rent the TV version of Carrie that she started in .... well, almost.

The film has a lot of heart, it's surprisingly emotional.
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Been a month of Sundays since I've seen this ...
14 June 2005
I remember catching this film on a late night horror movie show that used to come on WBIR channel 10 in TN they used to show on Fridays. The opening really gets your attention and draws you right in and then ... nothing. It seemed like an extremely slow moving film but I liked a few of the performances (Winters and Richards), great set pieces and it's something that has stayed with me for a long time even though haven't seen this movie since the early80s. It probably helps if you're a kid watching this for the first time, then again .. maybe not! It seems like a super-obscure film as well. I've talked to a few hardcore film buffs who are completely unfamiliar with this particular film.
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a fun film
12 June 2005
a much maligned movie from the 70s Showa series, even among die-hard zilla fans- but I have always enjoyed this film. You get to witness the debut of one of Zilla's most powerful and popular foes: MechaGodzilla. He looks very much like what he's supposed to be; a metal monster. There's a brutal fight scene between him and Angelis(?) where he pretty much breaks the poor monster's jaw- and then confronts Godzilla. There is a cool scene where Godzilla is invigorated by lightning from a storm. An amazingly goofy monster called 'King Ceasar' joins in the fight as well. It certainly isn't as memorably bad as the previous 'Zilla films such as 'Gigan' or 'Megalon', but I don't believe it's a great movie by any stretch of the imagination. But I enjoy it, even more than the sequel which was directed by Honda himself.
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4 June 2005
This used to be my least favorite of the original Gamera series but I watched it recently (minus the Joel and bots comments, since I have the old MST3K episode on tape) and I was really surprised with the special effects. The opening scene where Gamera (the narrator butchers his name too) attacks the damn was well done. There are a lot of cool miniatures and as it has been mentioned several times already- this movie is 'kenny' free.

Sadly, there really isn't a lot going on in this film. I do like the overall weirdness of it all: a giant flying turtle battling against a creature who attacks people with his tongue and a rainbow! Hey, it was the 60s ... what can I say? Sady Franks either had a brainstorming session or they were high when they made these movies.

There's actually a coherent plot to this movie and I suppose Gamera changes from a baddie to a good guy in this one. They just really stretch everything so thin and there aren't enough monster fight scenes to make me happy. I'm being really generous with rating this ...
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hope you like stock footage ...
3 June 2005
I saw this when I was a kid growing up in Michigan, watching 'monster week' on the 4:30 movie on channel 7. Just recently I purchased a DVD release from Diamond Entertainment called 'Japanesse Monster Movies' that contains four Gamera movies altogether. I used to like this particular film so I was interested in seeing this again.

For starters, a lot of the sets and I believe even some of the props and costumes have been taken directly from 'Gamera vs Guiron'. But at least 45 percent of this film is composed of stock footage from older films. Perhaps the funniest scene in the movie is when they show footage from the original Gamera film- a black and white movie- and try to pass it off for something that is happening in the present, even though this film was shot in color.

The kids in this film take charge of the situation and try to help Gamera out when the adults are content to do little or nothing. There's a lot of Kiaju 'gore' in this film, a funny yet kind of cool alien invader and stupid, stupid henchmen who get their heads knocked off )!) before the mutate into other squid-like creatures.

This is actually less boring than the previous films. Since the aliens are studying the previous Gamera fights in order to defeat him, the film is full of fairly cool monster battles. The final battle against Viran is a good one!
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i enjoyed it a lot
30 June 2004
It's pretty dated, and pretty much another version of Invasion of the Body Snatchers I suppose, but it's a personal favorite film of mine. This is one of the few films I've seen that really captures the 'gothic' atmosphere of New England. The film has little touches that I find eerie: I like the graveyard rubbings hanging in Jessica's room, swaying in the breeze, the attic with the old pictures of Emily, and the bright red theaterical blood was funny to me. It's not a heart-stopping film, I never really thought it was. Some of the imagery has stayed with me for years after I saw it. I don't think it works as a 'what's real/what's unreal' kind of thing, but I've always liked this movie a lot.
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