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must see advertising and the end of the world
9 March 2013
With the exception of a few of Michael Moore's films, this is the best doc that you'll ever see. You SHOULD know about this. Jhally may be a talking head but it's a head worth listening to. He explores media, in particular advertising, and identifies it for the blight that it is ; not just on America but on the world entire.

Advertisers will not want this film to gain wide viewing because it opens the eyes of the average consumer to such a degree that you will not just fast forward or mute all advertisements, you will actually rise up against them for the bloodless monsters that they are.

Jhally is a first rate media scholar. Please consider that there may be advertisers out there who are actively seeking to suppress this important film so that may account for any negative reviews.

At first blush this may appear as a conspiracy theory but it is not. The facts are in and advertising is destroying America from within. They must be stopped or it will indeed result in the end of the world as advertised.
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