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Prison Break: Free (2009)
Season 4, Episode 24
A good ending to the series but in the end a lot of evil people survived while the good died!
16 May 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I loved the show but I feel bad for characters like Michael and Tweener! they didn't really do anything yet they died in such brutal ways! characters like T-Bag and Kellerman killed dozens of people for no particular reason and at the end they both end up leaders (One in politics, the other in crime) i understand why Mahone got a happy ending because he already lost his son and he only did bad things because they were holding his family as leverage! even though i love the show i think them two got off a little easy, even though Gretchen and T-Bag practically got the same punishment Gretchen suffered having to lose her daughter and being tortured ! personally i think they should have let Kellerman die off in the season 2 finale and T-Bag should have been the one who got paralyzed instead of Self or he got his other hand chopped off and had to spend the rest of his days in a disabled facility! Linc, Sucre, Sara and C-Note all got good endings that suited them but T-Bag and Kellerman got off way to lite!
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7th Heaven: We Do (2003)
Season 7, Episode 18
Ashlee Simpson?
1 May 2013
Ashlee Simpson had to be the worst actor on the show. not to mention her voice was so irritating she should stick to lip syncing because her voice is horrible! the first few seasons were good but after season 6 the show just got rubbish! seriously why did they hire the less hot, less attractive sisters of two big pop stars at the time! the show really died when Jessica Biel, Barry Watson & Adam LaVorgna left oh and don't get me started on Season 11. by the last season only Eric, Annie, Lucy & Ruthie appeared and even Ruthie was absent for the first 6 episodes of that season. and the whole plot with them taking in the 3 teenagers! that was just a horrible storyline. the best ending i think for the show was the season 10 finale because everyone returned for that episode and it left no loose ends!
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