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Desaparecidos (2011)
I just lost 70 minutes of my life
17 July 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I'm so sorry, but I have to say it, I'm so glad it was over. This was by far one of the worst movies I have ever seen. Desaparecidos is a Brazilian found footage movie with about 70 minutes. Even though it only has 70 minutes it looked like 5 hours to me. I must say though that my opinion should not be taken as serious as it should, mostly because my biggest problem with the whole movie was the language. Since Portuguese and Brazilian are both referred as "portuguese" I thought I could watch this without subtitles, and actually I could, but I wasn't able to understand a huge part of the dialogue and that ruined it for me from the beginning. Brazilian is a really messy and loud language, in my opinion, and in situations of fear and panic it gets even worse, making it impossible to understand anything from my point of view. But that probably isn't a problem to foreign people because they will always watch it with subtitles. That said, I also had a lot of problems with the rest of the movie mostly because there's nothing going on all the time. Some guys get kind of lost in the woods while looking for a friend, and apart from that they just spend the whole movie running and screaming hysterically, and that's it. There's no people disappearing throughout the movie, just the one who was already missing, and they spent at least 50 minutes just running around, screaming. The fact that it is a found footage movie makes it even more annoying because all we see are leaves and trees and woods, nothing much. The end was rushed just to make them all disappear like the title says, so they ALL go missing in the last 5 minutes and not throughout the movie as it was expected as a horror movie. To end this, I must point to the fact that the police at the end is grabbing evidence with their bare hands, no gloves no nothing, and they don't seem to really know what they're doing.
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