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Fantabulous addition to the DCEU
12 February 2020
12 hours removed from viewing DCEU newest title and while there are a few 'flaw's, this movie is a very colorful and fantabulous ode to one, Harley Quinn.

I won't get into the poor reviews from others. To be honest, I don't see where any one of them are accurate. I am a big fan of the Gotham universe and right away, I could pick up references from DC's New 52 line; Harley Quinn: Hot in the City Voume 1 (I prefer graphic novels over comics) and found myself submersed in her world.

The fourth wall narrating didn't do it for me, but I wouldn't call it a complete mess or disaster. I just found it didn't complement the movie in it's entirety.

Harley Quinn; I would love to see someone argue a better casting than Margot. She's something special and pays homage to the character beautifully. I read a post that said she is 'dangerous and deranged' but it wasn't displayed. I beg to differ. She was completely compulsive and displayed maniacal behaviours.

Roman Sionis; Ewan McGregor... well there is something sinister about him that works well. The 'fight or flight' displayed is how I image it when reading graphic novels.

Supporting cast also worked well to complement the visions and direction of Cathy Yan.

Verdict; while the beginning isn't my first preference of submersing viewers into the on screen world, Birds of Prey: and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn is a fun fast paced, whack'em with your hammer kind of movie. My only wish is that we would stop with the labelling of this movie and see it for its core purpose: entertainment.
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The Shallows (2016)
Lower budgets still prove successful
28 June 2016
For a film that heavily relies on a CGI antagonist and only carries an estimated 17M budget, I'd have to say the team came through and pulled off a rare gem.

Blake Lively (Nancy) delivers a knock out performance as a distressed surfer looking to cope with a recent loss. Knowing that the day was coming to and end Nancy goes out for one last ride, but what she doesn't realize is that this time, it could be permanent. As Nancy swims out further she finds a carcass and that is where the tensions rise and the instinct to survive kicks in.

Pros: Blake Lively CGI (for most part) Steven Seagull

Cons Slow motion takes
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They wanna be like you'ou ou ou
24 April 2016
I want to think that this is what all movies strive for but ultimately come up short: A Brilliant piece of art from start to finish.

Classic Rudyard mixed with Disney's '67 release.

Visuals - check Story line - check Suitable for all ages - check... its does tend to be a little dark at times but no gore is incorporated. Character voice overs - check check and check.

There is really no flaw to this movie other than the apparent Lion King scenes. Which, you will all be able to decipher for yourself once the movie starts.

Tell a friend, your gammy, papi and whomever else that this is a must see movie while in theaters. Worth the extra cost for 3D as this movie is done entirely in that format.
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Cautiously Optimistic for the franchise's future
26 March 2016
BvS is a mediocre thunder match that failed to meet the audience's expectations. Snyder; while without a doubt executes the action sequences, came up empty when attempting to connect us emotionally to the characters. 151 minutes of run time was a bit long in the tooth as well. As the audience we open up to a spectacular sequence seen through the eyes of Bruce Wayne (I won't lie, if the whole movie was shot with that kind of pace, I may have said it was the best movie I have watched). Then we go through a choppy journey that attempts to intertwine the stories of Kent, Wayne and Luthor. As a DC enthusiast, I understand what Snyder is trying to accomplish but he just doesn't have the right tools to make a coherent story line.It isn't until we see Prince, Kent, and Wayne in one room does this story start to come together and make for one hell of a ride out. The last part of our journey is equal to the opening sequence; A fan-boys dream. I could not imagine that confrontation going down any other way… except for the use of Doomsday. He may not have been what the audience wanted to see but he was what the audience needed to pave the way for a justice league movie. Don't worry Superman fans, you still have Bizarro, Brainiac and Darkseid.

Pros: Afflecks Batman (dark, ruthless, relentless, a true detective). Introduction of Wonder Women Jeremy Irons as Alfred The glimpses of our new Batcave Snyder's action sequences The dream/vision shoots

Cons: Run time Choppy story line Post-Production editing Utilization of Doomsday (he would have been a great villain for a standalone Superman film)

On the fence: Eisenberg as Luthor. Unique and Interesting take. Would have made a much better Jervis Tetch. At times his giddy laugh reminded me of Rumplestiltskin from the hit TV show; Once Upon a Time.

DC Universe future outlook: Caution. Warner Brothers will certainly make their pockets heavier with this movie but will the conclusion of this film be enough to draw the same amount of attention towards future films, especially knowing Snyder is on the helm for Justice League. All eyes will certainly be on Suicide Squad to help alleviate the fans disappoint of this chapter. I am optimistic about Gadot's standalone film, but outside of the trinity, does DC have enough support behind stand alone films such as Aquaman and Flash. While they are great characters, I do not know if they have enough star power to push them to box office success. There is a reason why we have only had Warner's endorse Batman and Superman time and time again.
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