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Excellent "not so well known" horror film
13 January 2017
I am an absolute horror movie buff. Unfortunately, like many others, there are a lot, and I mean a lot of terrible horror films. However, this one is far from that category. We found this movie on Apple TV and were skeptical at first. But, when the movie started we were immediately pulled in. Great scares, high tension scenes and plenty of moments where you want to pull the blankets over your eyes. The plot isn't going to twist and turn you in many directions, but it will definitely keep you entertained until the very end. I won't say anymore than this. It's a horror film set in the basement of a morgue. Enough said.
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Don't listen to all the "Movie Buffs"
13 January 2017
Before listening to all of the 1 star reviews, hear me out. To start, if you think you're going to be watching a summer movie blockbuster that's 10/10 than you don't have a great judgement on films. Was the movie plot thin? Sure. Was the acting "Oscar winning?" Most certainly not. However, if you enjoy a decent action packed film from start to finish, you may just like this one a little bit. Gerard Butler plays his typical bad ass, ex-marine type character that helps to save the President of the United States. There's your plot. Simple and no more to it. That's what this film intended to give you. A simple plotted movie for action packed movie lovers. So, before you decide to toss this one out, go on Netflix on a boring Sunday afternoon and give it a try.
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