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Inacruate? I Think Not!
23 January 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I've been reading a lot of the other reviews of the this movie and on this site, and almost of the all of bad reviews point about the film's minor historical inaccuracies. I have been a huge Monkees fan for a long time and I can personally assure you that this movie is 100% percent historically accurate. Everything down to the last plot detail is true, except for the end. in this movie, After the show got cancelled and the movie Head flops, the Monkees are still together. This isn't true because after all of those things happened, the Monkees broke up. but other than that,it's entirely historically accurate.

What makes this film even better is the fact that not only do are four Lead actors dead ringers to the real Monkees, but they also act like the real Monkees. If you read the plot of this movie and you look up the story of the Monkees, you'll find there both the same. I'd highly recommend this movie to any casual fan of the Monkees who doesn't know anything about there story. It's definitely worth the watch.
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The Defenders (1961–1965)
A incredibly groundbreaking show
25 October 2012
before this show came out, Television was meant to be pure escapism meaning that like movies,people who watched TV often times watched it to escape from all the turbulent and sometimes horrendous things that happened in that 60's. So because of that, Most network & daytime TV shows often avoided current social issues of the day, making them seem very unrealistic. And then the Defenders came along.

Now, back in the 60's if you decided to make a show that focused on contemporary controversial social issues, you would risk getting your show cancelled because most big corporations would be uncomfortable sponsoring a show that did that, and that's exactly what the Defenders did. They were the first show that was brave enough to focus on such controversial social issues of the 60's such as civil rights,abortion neo-natzis and they almost got cancelled because of it. there was one episode where the father-son lawyer team of Lawrence and Kenneth Preston (E.G. Marshall and Robert Reed) had to a defend an abortionist, and almost every regular sponsor of the show, decided not to sponsor the episode and all of the sudden, the series was hanging by a thread, until one sponsor came in at the eleventh hour to sponsor the episode, and they saved the show from cancellation singled handed.

the bottom line is that this show was incredibly groundbreaking because if was one of the first TV shows to deal with contemporary controversial social issues, something no other show before or on on at the same time did, making it one of the most realistic shows of it's time. it also paved the way for socially conscious shows that came after it. Now what I really don't understand is that the show's not on DVD and it hasn't been seen in reruns in 20 years. But regardless, the show needs to be on DVD or in syndication, and it definitely can't be forgotten by the next generation of TV watchers.
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Broadside (1964–1965)
The First Feminime Military Sitcom
23 September 2012
from Mchale's Navy producer and creator Edward Montange, Broadside is the first Military sitcom with women as the central characters, which set it apart from most of it's competitors (like Ensign O'Toole and it's originator). the show has an interesting cast, which included a pre-Bewtiched Dick Sargent and a post-Real McCoys Kathleen Nolan. Character Actor Edward Arnold plays a part that is to an extent, a copy of Joe Flynn's Captain Bimgamton but he still manages to carry his own weight, and he makes a good foil for the main cast members.

Unfortunately, the show was scheduled against ratings giant the Ed Sullivan Show, which sealed the show's fate. do I think it should have lasted longer? yes but does it have a chance of a syndicated Revival? it probably does on a third party Retro Cable Network, in fact I recently found a cheap DVD of the show on amazon containing 29 out of the 32 episodes of the show, In which I'll probably buy in the near future. There are also a couple episodes on youtube (and that's how I saw the show).
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A unique medical drama for it's time
17 September 2012
during the 1961-62 season, NBC and ABC scored two big hits in a new genre of TV shows known today as the medical drama. Those two Shows were Dr.Kildare and Ben Casey, both of the show's premises were almost Identical and they both started and ended at the same time for 6 seasons.

when CBS decided to air there entry into the new TV genre the next season, they didn't want another Ben Casey or Dr.Kildare, so they settled on a show called the Nurses. Now what makes the Nurses different from the two previously mentioned shows is that The Nurses mainly focuses on the lives of the female doctors where as Ben Casey and Dr.Kildare focused on a single male protagonist, much like the Lawyer shows of that time period.

the show didn't last as long or have as much impact as Ben Casey or Dr.Kildare, but it had a stable fan base for it to run for 3 seasons. the Nurses was also one of the 4 shows made during that time that was shot and took place in New York, along with Car 54, the Patty Duke Show, and Naked City

In Conclusion, I saw an episode of the show on youtube, and I thought it was pretty good but I don't know if it has any potential of getting released on DVD.
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Angel (1960–1961)
A not so terrible Lucy knock off
14 September 2012
the 1960-61 season was and is know today as the first prime time TV season were America's Favorite TV couple (Lucille Ball and Desi Arnez) were absent from. the Lucy and Desi show was cancelled and sooner or later,they were nowhere to be found. That same season, CBS proposed and aired two replacement shows, the first show was a spin off of December Bride called Pete and Gladys, it starred Harry Morgan and Cara Williams and the show contained a somewhat similar premise to I Love Lucy (not to mention it originally aired on Monday Nights, The Same time I Love Lucy originally aired).

the Second replacement show that aired during that same season came from Lucy creator Jess Oppenheimer called Angel. it starred Annie Farge who played the french female lead who decides to Marry American male lead Marshall Thompson, but once that happens, a big culture clash occurs.

Sounds familiar? well if you think about, Angel is pretty much I Love Lucy in reverse, instead of having a male Latino Man marrying an American Female woman, you have a french female woman marrying an American Man, in which a major culture clash occurs in both situations. Of course there are some major differences (Angel not being a bandleader where as Desi Arnez is) but for me to compare Angel with I Love Lucy would be pretty unfair. I think Angel still has it's own unique charm, despite the fact it didn't do very well (it only lasted for one season) and I Love Lucy is to this day considered a historically important classic. If Angel will ever get released on DVD, it will either find a new Audience with Hardcore Lucy fans or it would dismissed by them because they'll think I Love Lucy's better (which just might happen, that is if it get's a DVD release).
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Karen (1964–1965)
one part of a failed Experiemt
11 September 2012
Karen was originally part of a 3 show 90 minute programming block called 90 Bristol Court. It originally contained 3 sitcoms, that had completely different casts and crews but they All lived under the same apartment complex, with the address of 90 Bristol Court. The other two sitcoms that made up the rest of the block were Tom Dick and Marry and Harris Against the World. NBC's experiment for the 1964-65 season flopped miserably due to it's tough competition (it was up against three powerhouse CBS shows, To Tell The Truth, I've Got A Secret and Andy Griffith) and the show didn't receive the best reviews from critics at the time and all three of the shows couldn't get a stable audience to continue to the next season.

Sooner or later, the concept of 90 Bristol Court was dropped, Harris Against the World and Tom Dick and Marry were canceled Mid Season while Karen managed to finish the season. Karen probably was the best out of all three shows that made up 90 Bristol Court but the concept of Karen by itself doesn't seem very interesting to me (other teenage girl shows from that era were probably better, Like Patty Duke or Gidget). In fact, I think the whole concept of 90 Bristol court sounds better than Karen by itself, but I guess I'll never know, unless the shows gets put on DVD or in syndication (in which that probably won't happen).
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