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Friends (1994–2004)
If you got some free time,then watch this incredible series 'cause its worth it.And sure you'll laugh like hell.
19 April 2016
After watching GOT's 5 seasons in for 3 months,i was looking to watch some comedy TV-series.I heard about this TV-series 'FRIENDS' from my friends a lot and saw some good reviews and ratings in many websites.And I'm a fan of both Jennifer Aniston from Just Go With It and Matthew Perry from The Odd Couple,so finally i decided to watch this popular series and i gotta tell you it is as great as everyone says it is.

My first reaction was 'Wow,Jennifer Aniston looks so cute here' i was blown,man.Every dialogue was brilliant and funny as hell and the character,Chandler can make jokes in any situation and his acting was marvelous.He is my favorite and i'd say he is the backbone of this show.I think the story is mostly about this character Ross who is a passionate paleontologist and bit confused about his feelings toward Rachel who was his high school crush and mainly the story starts by entering of Rachel in these guys life.This series is full of comedy and also shows how complicated relationships can be and in the end how it is worth all the troubles people go through.Joey portrays an ideal best buddy,womanizer and how dumb a man can be,he also shows us how competitive it is to work in acting industry.If you're a comedy enthusiast then u have to watch this series.It literally filled the whole in my heart that 'How i met your mother' left.They beautifully illustrated the love story of Chandler and Monica,it is really awesome when friends become lovers,well in some cases its a disaster.Monica's habit of organizing and cleaning everything made this show more funnier.This series isn't just about clever jokes and love stories,this story also demonstrates about how to build-up career from small to large.You'll see Rachel go from working as a waitress in a coffee house to working in a big fashion company like Ralph Lauren and Ross halfway to winning a noble prize.And no matter how late it is u gotta follow Ur passion,Chandler is a great example for that.You'll also learn how important friends and families are in anyone's life.All i gotta say is this show delivers reality of life through comedy and silly events,and i think that's what makes this show GREAT.
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you need inspiration? this film.
8 November 2015
I was planning to watch this movie for a long time 'cause as you know it had won 3 Oscars and also nominated for other categories in 2014 AW.So, i finally watched it yesterday and without a doubt,it was outstanding. When the movie started I was blown i saw Matthew McConaughey this much skinny,it reminded me of Christian Bale from The machinist.The lead character Ron Woodroof represents a local hotshot who lives careless bachelor life and doesn't give a damn what other people think about him.When he diagnosed with AIDS,everyone thought he might've engaged in homosexual activity and they all started to keep their distance from him which actually happens in our real life.You know when i first heard about AIDS,all i heard was it occurs because of unprotected sexual activity and other stuff.Very few people accounted the other facts like sharing the same injection syringe with other people.In this movie we actually see how society reacts to this kind of problems and only look for the worst fact.This film also portrayed our hatred toward homosexuals in the 80s.Jared Leto played Rayon's role incredibly,i don't think anyone could've done it better.I'm eagerly waiting to watch him in suicide squad.Ron is a self motivated and optimistic man.When he found out that he has AIDS,he researched and began to try every possible med or treatment he could find.Thus,He went to Mexico and when he started feel better and saw that people like him are dying because of wrong treatments,he decided to stand against the FDA.We see that how pharmaceutical companies bribe Drug Administration to push their drugs despite its lots of dangerous side effects.its pity that this kind of corruption actually happens around us and we are the victims of it.Eve(Jennifer Garner) represents those doctors who value the patients life more than anything and protest against pharmaceutical company's conspiracy.It was very clever of Ron that when he came to know that he cant sell those approved drugs,he established "Dallas Buyers Club" with the help of Roney.Later he became less concern about money and tried to provide treatment with his money.In the end he fought for legal right to take protein but the judge couldn't do anything but admonished the FDA for their corruption. Ron Woodroof fought very much for himself and all the AIDS patients.what can u say he got his reward for his courage and all these struggles by living 7 year more than his doctor's predicted.
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Before Sunset (2004)
This movie just show the feelings of two person and you get confuse is it love or beyond this love thing.
18 March 2015
Well,after watching 'Before Sunrise',i was very excited to watch this film.There's no doubt that the storyline was great.What can i say,i was pretty impressed at the beginning when i came to know that they couldn't meet again in Vienna as they had planned.Some of you might have assumed that by film's title,but i hadn't.I've to say that Hawk and Deply was just perfect for this movie and i don't think anyone can do it better. Linklater didn't just just write a story which will melt anyone's heart but was able to bring it life to make it real.Well Done Richard Linklater! this film isn't just a nice sequel of the original film but also completes the story and keep you hungry for more.As we know,Jesse and Celine love each other so much that they were like meant to be together and this film focuses on how you'll react when find your lost perfect match whom you were meant to be with and after all these real life suffering what will do when you finally find them.The movie was artistic,at first i was starting to think if there's anything wrong with celine but as the story flows it made everything clear.At some points of the movie,You'd just love to see the facial expressions of them especially when celine sings song.iI just fall for that scene.Ending was a suspense but i like it that way. This isn't a typical romantic movie we use to watch,it got spark.and thats why i think it's Classic.
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Feast (I) (2014)
Bond between a dog and his master reflected in this film with a lovely storyline.
9 March 2015
When Feast (2014) wins Oscar in the 'Best Animated Short Film' category,i was pretty much excited to watch this.And this film is really worth it.Story is based on winston,cute little bulldog who was adopted by a man from street.This film showed us a dog's love towards his master and also how much it loves its food but love for its master comes in the first place.And we also see a man's love life through the whole film and how much it changes his lifestyle.The sacrifice winston made to fix his master's love life reminds us again that dog is man's best friend.Disney's short films are always amazing and Feast was additionally heart touching.
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Penguins of Madagascar is next to what i expected,i loved it and hoping for part 2
8 March 2015
Well,we all have been waiting for this film for a long time and i must say it was worth waiting for.When we first saw the MADAGASCAR movie we were very much curious about these penguins.They were like the Minions of Madagascar,we loved their intelligent,straight-forward and funny behavior a lot.yeah,of course thats the reason they made this film.Now,lets talk about this film.from the beginning of this film it was full of actions,brilliant funny dialogs.Usually we don't expect animation films to be that kind of action packed,but this film done a beautiful work on that because between actions there were clever and hilarious commands of skipper.Besides fun and actions we saw emotions a little but it was pretty good.And the villain's plot was good but it could've been better.I didn't kinda like him because it didn't felt like super villain,Dave(Dr. Octavius Brine) needed a little more evilness.The north wind team was a good plot to give this movie a serious look.Ending was pretty awesome too with all the actions and strategies especially the one when skipper throw chip to press the button.The look of Private was still cute and cuddly after reversion process (yeah,private returned to his original look later).Dreamworks done a fabulous job on this movie and i admire it very much.
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Big Hero 6 (2014)
Big Hero 6 is an excellent modern sci-fi animation movie with incredible action packed in a lovely wrapper.
7 March 2015
It is obvious that Big Hero 6 was the best animation film of 2014.I always appreciate those movies which motivates us and especially children towards science and Big Hero 6 is a awesome example of that.This movie movie was full of fun and show us the importance of family,friends and how to clam down when we lost our loved ones.when it comes to characters i must say Baymax is truly a masterpiece,every children and people of all age surely will love this character because of his loving and HUGGING personality.The special bond between Baymax and Hiro was incredible and that made this movie my favorite next to How to train your dragon.Big Hero 6 is that kind of movie that make us believe that i can be super hero and that differ it from other superhero movie.And last of all when it comes to villain,Big Hero 6 movie did an outstanding job because there was quiet a good story behind his evilness.the graphic and sound quality was truly marvelous.
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