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Pain & Glory (2019)
The torment behind the genius
24 March 2019
As Salvador (exquisitely played by Antonio Banderas) says in the movie "A great actor is not the one who cries, but the one who knows how to contain the tears" and I think that describes the movie perfectly, you feel the pain in every scene but never get the chance to let that emotion overcome, it's a beautiful and raw portrayal of life in a way we've never seen Almodóvar do before, the film breathes a diaphanous simplicity and spontaneity, far from what we're used to see from the filmmaker. Every aspect of this movie felt very personal and intimate, almost like reading someone's diary while it's being written or someone sharing a part of their soul, i'm sure this movie wasn't easy to make.

This is a story about pain, sadness, solitude, self discovery, forgiveness and regret but most of all, it's a movie about overcoming and I honestly feel this is one of his best works in recent years.
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Long live Queen
23 October 2018
I just saw the world premiere and oh boy let me tell you about it:

This movie might not be a masterpiece but my heart is filled with such happiness and joy after watching it that I think it's going to burst (sorry for the cheesiness), Freddie Mercury, Brian May, Roger Taylor and John Deacon are so exquisitely portrayed I sometimes forgot it wasn't them, the performances were so on point and so powerful you could feel the energy burst through the screen. ¿Have you seen the famous car scene in Wayne's world? well, now imagine a full room doing the same, people couldn't help but sing along (lets be honest, it's impossible not too).

I laughed, cried, sang and wished I could have seen Queen live, this band will live forever.
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A VFX masterpiece & a pop culture classic
31 March 2018
First of all yes, it's different than the book, that being said I still LOVED the movie, not just the movie but how people reacted to it in the cinema, you could hear gasps and "oh my God!" "this is so cool" every time a classic made an appearance on screen. There are so many hidden easter eggs and references that i will probably rewatch the movie a few times just to spot them all.

The special effects are AMAZING, really really amazing, Industrial Light & Magic are THE masters in their craft, this was such a complex movie in terms of VFx and animation but the result is perfection.

The only "negative" thing I would point out (and it's not even about the movie per say) would be the closing credits (i know the majority of people don't care about this but oh well), I expected a MARVELesque very visual type of credits but it was old school black background white typo kinda thing.

Overall i'd say go watch it, and if you have read the book, give it a chance!
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Skins (2017)
skin can change, skin can transform, appearance is nothing.
8 July 2017
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is strange, uncomfortable, awkward, powerful and meaningful.

I think a lot of people missed the plot, i've read comments saying this was a pro-pedophilia movie (which is insulting and completely misses the point), as I see it, the deformed physical appearances we see in the movie, what society calls monsters, are just an interpretation of our poor judgment based on nothing but first impressions, the real monsters exist within, take the pedophile for example, he is a normal looking man but is the WORST MONSTER of all.

This movie portrays society in a brutal way through a breathtakingly beautiful and artistic photography and camera work, it makes the viewer enter a place where the dream and nightmare are divided by a very thin very defused line and that makes the viewer uncomfortable.

I would totally recommend this film to an open minded, observant and curious movie lover.
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Inferno (I) (2016)
23 October 2016
Warning: Spoilers
When I started reading the book I couldn't let it down, I was completely hooked, the storyline, the adventure, the mystery.. I literally finished the book in 2 days. That being said you can imagine how extremely excited I was when I heard the movie was going to be produced, the other movies were not that bad so yes, my expectations were high... Oh boy was I wrong:

A lot of plot holes and information missing, (I can only imagine how much nonsense this movie has been to someone who hasn't read the book), the movie is not engaging, the characters are different and for god sake, they changed the freakin' ending, why would you do that? I was speechless, why change such transcendental ending to the biggest cliché ever? The book was so epic yet the movie got me rolling my eyes and sighting the whole time. If you're curious go ahead watch it but if you read the book, don't even bother.
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The Martian (2015)
Much more than I expected.
17 October 2015
I read the book when it came out in 2011 and I when they announced they where going to do the movie I was thrilled:

The book is not your typical Sci-Fi drama, it has touches of humor I really liked and it was written in a close and relatable way (as wired as it may sound talking about a not so far plausible futuristic scenario)

I think Ridley Scott transferred it brilliantly to the screen with spectacular visuals and special effects ( I recommend you watch the movie in a dolby atmos cinema for the full experience).

Is it the best Ridley Scott movie? Possibly not (considering he did masterpieces like Alien and Blade Runner) but it damn sure will be the highlight of the year.
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Trainwreck (2015)
Surprisingly Hilarious
24 August 2015
I liked it, it's not like any other Rom-com i've seen before. It's obviously not a masterpiece but it does the job, it's entertaining, funny and different:

The characters are not the typical "model-looking"Rom-com cliché, they are normal looking and relatable characters. the movie is an exaggeration (for comedy proposes of course) of quotidian situations, thoughts, problems etc that happen everyday. People laughed ALL the time during the movie it's been long since I've seen people laugh so much.

I also discovered my new favorite comedian, the brilliant Amy Schummer. If you are looking to have a great laugh and a good time this movie is for you.
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