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The best Mickey take...EVER
27 June 2006
I remember well the birth of radio 1 and how the DJ's of that era became more famous than their true talent ever really warranted. The ego, name dropping and self publicity was totally shameless. What Enfield and Whitehouse achieve here is a superbly made and well deserved re-balancing of the books. The more you remember of of the 60's to 90's radio 1 the more you'll see it's relevance. The script and acting is out of this world and I'm currently trying to source this on DVD. I have a very old VHS copy of this but would panic if it ever got lost or the the tape broke :)) Check out cable TV schedules, this is a not to be missed Mickey take of the very very highest order. Well done guys, it's right up there with Norbert Smith - A Life.
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Downfall (2004)
A must see WWII film
6 June 2006
I've given this film a 10 out of 10 because although it's a long film it kept my full attention right to the end. Seen very much through the eyes of his last secretary this film graphically shows both the physical and emotional horrors of war. It shows how defeat had to be accepted by the die hard Nazis's and the sheer terror of what was happening to them. I thought it was acted superbly throughout. This is a German film that faces German history. A history many would sooner forget. I find this a very brave undertaking. Had this film been made anywhere else I feel it would have lost credibility. If WW2 films are your thing don't miss this one.Superb
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