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So completely bad and stupid it's fun to watch
22 May 2018
There isn't much I can write about this silly but fun movie. The plot is off-the-wall, the characters are 'into their role' because it's just for fun and everyone seemed to enjoy the efforts.

This is a perfect match for those who seek silly nonsense low-budget movies with a plot that certainly was formulated as a joke.

I liked it - but I could only give it a 5 - at best.
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Taskmaster (2018– )
So much more watchable than UK version
22 May 2018
1. It's faster with more interesting contestants.

2. I find the UK version needlessly long at 45 minutes while the US version is just 22 minutes (I'm discounting commercials).

3. The 'task' are fun to watch while contestants strive to beat the clock. The US version gets straight to the point while the UK version seems to obsess on the contestants efforts and their reaction to the task ... ex. the watermelon eating ... boring!

Give it a look!
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A film worthy of multiple watchings
20 May 2018
To mention the plot of this cheerful comedy is pointless because - for me - the movie is more about the characters. Each actor brings their role to life and the movie just flows along and leaves you happy.

This is a must watch for people that enjoy light comedy and oddball characters that you wish you knew in real life!

Yes, I like this film.
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A very nice docu on a famous lady few people remember
20 May 2018
Rose Marie was both famous and obscure. By that statement I mean she never became the type of 'star' that remains a 'name' both during and long after a career in entertainment such as Elizabeth Taylor, or Sinatra, or Judy Garland.

But in this documentary we see the amazing talent in singing and comedy Rose Marie brought to the stage, radio, and television. Always capable and professional she entertained thousands over many decades! This delightful docu once again places her in the limelight for generations that remember her and generations that never heard of her.
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The Last Movie Star (I) (2017)
A 'B' movie about a 'B' movie actor
24 April 2018
Don't get me wrong about this movie - it's just an ok movie. Burt Reynolds mostly walks through this script and at times appears to actually be trying, with great effort, to be Vic Edwards and not Burt Reynolds. And Chevy Chase was obviously used just for his name.

The supporting staff are the stars in this movie! Ariel Winter & Clark Duke are to be thanked for giving this movie enough fun and sparkle for any viewer to stick with the story.
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Kodachrome (2017)
Sentimental Glop
22 April 2018
This movie is plagued with problems! First there are way too too many scenes of Jason Sudeikis as 'Matt' in solitary reflective moments about exactly what he is doing. And Ed Harris as the cancer stricken 'Ben' is about as believable as an anorexic playing an obese person. Elizabeth Olsen as 'Zoe' sort of drifts between charming and being way to smart about the relationships Ben had with his family. This is just thoughts off the top of my head while watching this movie.

Kodachrome is too long and self absorbed to be enjoyable as a father/son reconciliation after many years of hate and misunderstanding of each other. If you can't figure out which direction this story is going within the first 20 minutes - I feel sorry for you.
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Love, Simon (2018)
Very cute --- but it missed an important point
22 April 2018
Nice upper class income high school student decides to face the music. And it's a bumpy ride for him. The message in this film is clear - just because you are gay doesn't make you an outcast. I'm glad this was made clear. Thank you Director: Greg Berlanti & Writer: Elizabeth Berger.

But I wish they had taken the step further to explain the roots of this hate, this disenfranchisement of gay people. That root is religion! And this is preached from the pulpit every Sunday. Simon didn't feel excluded because was different; he felt excluded because he was scared!! He was scared because he feared the judgement of others. And to judge others is what is taught in religion - which is a blatant contradiction in the message or rather the word.

As a film 'Love, Simon' is too long and the ending mostly predictable. Sorry, I see most reviewers loved this film but I had to have my say.
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Outside In (2017)
Perfectly perfect !
7 April 2018
Director: Lynn Shelton and writers: Jay Duplass & Lynn Shelton have created a story that goes straight to the heart & soul. Beautifully scripted, filmed, and acted "Outside In" is one of those unforgettable stories that puts tears in your eyes but a sense of hope and joy in your heart.

Jay Duplass plays 'Chris' an ex-con who comes home after 20 years in jail. We know his readjustment to everyday life will be challenging for him but too his luck there are people there who do not want to judge him for a long past crime. Love and friendship finds it's way back into his life but this brings alot of troublesome baggage with it. Chis just wants to do whats right!

This is a beautifully made film and the Duplass brothers have another star in their crown. I truly hope this movie gets the public attention it so deserves. Seek it out and watch it!
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Loev (2015)
An exotic trip and the frustration between friends
3 April 2018
In my opinion Director/writer Sudhanshu Saria has made a stunningly beautiful film of exotic beauty in almost every scene contrasting with a culture so fixated on its societal expectation and traditions that it wants the modern world around them but cannot enjoy it.

What I'm trying to say is Sahil, Alex, and Jai's friendship/romance/sexual desires cannot go any where because the ancient cultural demands won't allow this -- but the modern technical world is welcomed without the freedom of being that comes with it. There are scenes of such natural beauty that the men can only express themselves by enjoying the scenery together. The frustration level is high and at movies end the viewer sees what the friends really wanted.

I realize this is a complex take on this beautiful film but I had to express it because the story made me think what is the director trying to tell the viewer.
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Very pleasant story!
3 April 2018
A road trip movie of two people (both beautiful) who are strangers to each other and they meet for the first time at a party. He suggest a car trip through the southern states of the US. She impulsively agrees to go with him. Thus the story begins!

We learn along the way both have issues with events in their personal lives. These cause bumps and fractures in this impulsive agreement between the two. She comes across as immature and bitchy at times. He comes across as perfectly likeable and about as sweet as he could be.

You'll have to watch this to see how it ends. Both actors give convincing performances and you'll fall in love with him!
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A movie made for a grave yard
1 April 2018
This thing should only be shown in cemeteries and grave yards because no one there could die of boredom!

This thing is over two hours long and I have been to funerals that were more interesting and lively and shorter. Nothing happens in this movie until there is an argument at a the dinning table. Then it's back to a corpus like story.

Save yourself and live another two hours and skip this --- thing.
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Colossal (2016)
Poor Anne Hathaway
31 March 2018
Is this all she's offered now?

A ridiculous movie from start to finish! How did she get suckered into this trash?

If you bother to watch this one hour and forty-five minute crawl through stupid; take note of the bar room fire. There must have been a sale on gas logs.
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Porto (2016)
Anton Yelchin
31 March 2018
All I can say is to watch this film for Anton Yelchin! A wonderful actor who died way to young. He is outstanding here as a broken hearted man seeking the why to the rejection from the woman he so loved.

Beautiful photography which creates the mood so necessary in this story!
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A difficult movie to review
31 March 2018
My advice is to watch this film to experience it's captivating photography and the characters that live in the back country to whom the postman must deliver their mail.

You see their hope, needs, desires, boredom, and hopelessness. There really isn't a plot to this movie it's just a fascinating look into the lives of a small almost forgotten community living on the very outer edges.
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Looking behind the curtain
31 March 2018
This is a rather long docu on the brilliant comedian Garry Shandling. If your are or were a fan of this famous man you will love the insight offered by others into Shandling's career in show business and his climb to fame.

But if you just remember him from his TV shows and standup comedy then this docu is tedious and almost repetitive. Sometimes it's best not to see how the magic of putting on a show is done by going back stage and seeing what it's really like.
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A.P. Bio (2018– )
I totally get it !
17 March 2018
Recently tried to describe this show to a friend and I was at a loss to explain the plot outside of it just being funny and loaded with likeable oddball characters.

This is one of those comedies that you intuitively tune into or you just don't get it. Well, for this writer Glenn Howerton is giving a first class performance as Prof Jack and the actors as the students couldn't be better.

It's a refreshing edgy comedy well worth checking out.
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Alone Together (2018– )
Too good not to watch
16 March 2018
It's really nice to catch a series that is clever and funny even if you have missed previous episodes. Esther Povitsky and Benji Aflalo have created a show that is pure comedy in each show. Perfectly cast with the characters that the atmosphere of the plot so wants to show!

Little Esther shines so you just can't get enough of her !

I hate to see it come to an end. My hopes are up for a renewal next season!
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A message somewhere in this one
10 March 2018
This one is for the avant-garde crowd. It's full of strangely odd but likeable characters. The plot is both obscure and obvious.

My advice is to watch this for the dialog, which makes sense and nonsense, at times. Nothing is really gained by movies end. It is like the opening where the two boys go to have sex --- behind a sign above a highway. Moral of story - life passes by even when hiding.
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Do not give up on this one !
10 March 2018
Plez overlook the 20 minute rule on the budget zombie flick.

Everything about silly zombie story is just silly and silly .... but you can tell by the actors they surely must have had a hoot while making it. If you are thread thin budget zombie movie fan then this one is not to be skipped.

Full of dumb laffs and the 'girlfriends' are hot.
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This Close (2018– )
A fine little series
10 March 2018
Are humans flawed? Yes Are humans needy? Yes Do most of us make the best of what we get out of life? Yes Welcome to "This Close". An intimate look into life when life itself has loaded you with challenges most others do not have to face on a daily basis.

The two main characters - Kate and Michael - share a friendship that reaches beyond love. They are friends first and always. Kate has a boyfriend, Michael wants one but in that is a stumbling point for him. Both Kate and Michael must manage their professional lives, their personal lives, and their relationship while dealing with a world that both accepts and rejects their disability.

I'm luv'n this series because it shows a light on being in the 21st Century.
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Unfortunate title for a good movie
4 March 2018
Personally I really enjoyed this movie because it had suspense, thrills, drama, plot and a story! What these other reviews are about I have no idea. Did they watch the same movie? I think not.

Daniel Radcliffe offers up a fine performance as the lone pilot of a small plane flying through ominous night skies to deliver contraband to underworld thugs in exchange for much needed cash. While piloting this plane he is forced to carry on three separate conversations without any of his callers knowing about the other. And then his flight path is changed and he discovers he is being followed.

Will he make it? It is well worth watching to see.
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Game Night (I) (2018)
Hopelessly lost
4 March 2018
Could someone please write a review that would explain this flick !

I watched it for laughs - none to be had. I watched it for suspense - none to be had. I watched it for plot - none to be had.

What did I watch? Someone please tell me. I'm glad that pizza a wine after this flick was there because I would have been crying.

This flick left me lost!
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Copycat (I) (2016)
Not a total loss
1 March 2018
Low budget comedy in which each character does their best. It's funny and edgy in some scene's but most of the movie is vanilla comedy that works with the flavor of this movie.

Nicely cast with goofy characters! The plot flows through first two thirds of story then it falls apart once the scene changes to the karaoke setting. And the funny gets very thin.

You can get a few good laughs in this flick, thus it's not a total loss.
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1 March 2018
If anyone has any past experience with this magazine this is a must see movie. It may not be totally factual but you get to see and understand the spirit behind the publication.

Excellent production and character portrayals give a life and excitement to this film. You can't go wrong watching this one.
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Warwick (2016)
You have to want to watch this movie
1 March 2018
There's something about this film that kept my attention. It is full of motion and loneliness. The plot is paper thin but the constant motion kept me thinking something is about to happen in any minute.

A young boy alone from a town in another state goes to Seattle - finding his way round in the city and his mind opens himself to himself and life.

Very little dialog. Low budget. But I found it worth watching.
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