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good idea, terrible movie. don't bother
25 October 2016
i don't normally write reviews, especially for pointless movies like this, but i couldn't leave flitz4543 as the only reviewer. saying anyone who disagrees with them must have ulterior motives is just insultingly transparent bullshit. this movie is not good in the least. a cool idea, but really bad script, really bad cinematography, and really bad acting (except one person who doesn't have a ton to do for most of it, but was quite good). the whole movie was lazy clich├ęs and padded time. everything that actually happened happened unconvincingly quickly, like 0 to 60, which is extra lame because so much of the movie is wasted time. so many shots of rocks and clouds and walls, so many scenes of nothing happening, they could have expanded the actual events of the story to fill more time. though i doubt that would have improved the overall quality much
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Saw (2004)
just like 'seven' only really really bad
22 January 2005
about 10 minutes of this movie were extremely good, i will give them that. and the killer is the one guy i never would've expected. otherwise, just about everything is wrong with this movie. it's like they took seven, shot the writer, punched the cameraman in the face, and doped all the actors. okay, IMDb says i need to write 5 more lines, but i have nothing to say. why do we need 10 lines? that just encourages people to babble. i'm trying to be succinct and it wants me to yammer on. okay! this movie had some of the worst dialogue i have heard in a long time, and the camera-work, especially in the car chase (because EVERY brainless movie needs a good car chase), was just plain stupid. i was almost giggling, it was so goofy
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