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Bod (1975– )
Here Comes Bod.....
30 March 2005
This was a strange programme, with basic animation but nevertheless there was something about Bod that kept me amused as a kid. "Here comes Bod" the narrator would say, we'd hear a cheeky sounding theme tune played on a piccolo and see a boy with a bald head and an evil face wearing a yellow dress walking towards us! Yes really!! Bod also had 4 friends: Aunt Flo, Frank the Postman, Farmer Barleymow and PC Copper (each had their own theme tune - courtesy of Derek Griffiths)every episode they would do something like go to the Park, the Beach etc. Then at the end we saw them walking away into the distance hearing that mischievous sounding piccolo again. BUT!! At the end of some episodes we were treated to a story about a frog called Alberto who had an animal band, basically whatever the problem was the frog would get his band to play some music......and the problem was solved and frog was always rewarded with a milkshake. Finally we had a song and a game of snap before the end credits. All of this sounds insane, but I recently bought this on DVD and was relieved to find out that I am not mad and didn't dream any of this up. Also I enjoyed seeing it again after all this time and I can honestly say my slightly mocking tones are nothing but affectionate.
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You and Me (1974–1992)
You and me, me and you, lots and lots for you to do
29 January 2005
I was born in 1980 so don't remember the first ten years. I do remember this being set out in a few different ways. 1st: There was a hamster and a crow (puppets) who introduced the show, and we saw footage of kids with their parents doing the shopping, going to the library etc. With the animals doing the commentary. 2nd: There was a human presenter (think his name was Sam) with a puppet dragon called "Duncan" who were in a fake shop, but this memory is very sketchy. 3rd: 2 puppets called "Cosmo & Dibs" in a market with presenters like Gary Wilmott (I recall a crazy woman called Liz, who may have been Liz Smith! But again not sure) I think this was filmed locally (Birmingham) and had a reggaefied version of the theme by UB40. I need to see this again. 20 years is a LONG time.
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Bad outweighs the good (only just) Spoilers.
8 December 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Not sure what to make of this. It's entertaining (in a sick way) but as other users have also said, the appalling production values make it almost unwatchable (it can make you feel quite uncomfortable and nauseous). Having said the story is believable: A bloke is living in a scummy area of New York with his girlfriend, and another woman (stoned out of her head all the time) A punk band move in next door, and play music all night (is it me or does every song sound like the riff from Peter Gunn?) and his "masterpiece" of a painting gets rejected. He flips and goes round drilling people to death. The lighting in this film is also terrible, as is the film quality and sound. Just a horrid mess. But the storyline could be true.
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A Great Piece Of Nostalgia (Possible Spoilers)
16 June 2004
Warning: Spoilers
Seeing this film again recently, was like visiting an old friend. OK I didn't see when it was first released (I was 4 years old in 1984!) but it is still a childhood memory. It's a violent film without being too graphic, and there are some pleasant moments without being too cheesy. It was fun, and it also prepared me for a teenage life that was later to come! And of course Mr Myagi was a gem! I think everybody knows who you are referring to to with the phrases "Wax on, Wax off" and "Daniel san". But seeing it again, the teenage thugs were just funny! Nothing menacing about them at all - even when they were dressed as skeletons. A great film, only slightly let down by the ending (Surely he would have been disqualified for kicking his opponent in the face - instead he won the tournament!) 9/10
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Flashdance (1983)
16 June 2004
As other users have said this film is very dated, but not necessarily bad. It was looked upon as a bit of fluff that was very successful in the box office. So now, it would come across as nostalgic (in the same vein as Dirty Dancing). But the thing I do like about it, is just that. Adrian Lyne perfectly captured the time, a post disco era when Break-dancing and Synth Pop were all the rage - Who could forget the FANTASTIC theme song, sung by Irene Cara (Fame) and composed by Synth Pop genius Giorgio Moroder (I feel love - Donna Summer among many others). So what if Jennifer Beals wasn't a great actress? So what if it wasn't her dancing? (Think one of them was a break dancer from "The Rock Steady Crew" - see? All about the era!) she was a good looking girl, and this was a harmless bit of fun at the time.
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