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The Interview (II) (2014)
Its your typical Franco/Rogen film
28 December 2014
I am not the biggest fan of James Franco, nor Seth Rogan, but they do have this type of humor that I sometimes find myself laughing at for no reason. This movie is just that, a movie. There is just no reason for this to be a national security concern.

Its dumb, drug humor. Laugh at it, watch it. And then get over it.

If you are fans of Franco and Rogan you will love this. I will say Franco did pretty good. His character is pretty funny.

This is an off the wall concept.

Well played Hollywood.

What are your thoughts?
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Cloudburst (2011)
Wonderful movie
29 January 2014
I decided to watch Cloudburst the other night. I loved this movie, it was at times a laugh out loud, and other times a tear jerker. The performances by all the cast was phenomenal. If you are looking for a movie that will capture your heart, this is it.

This is more than just a love story. It tells the story of two women who have shared many years of their lives. Who in the face of illness face the real possibility of being separated. There's many couples who face this everyday. Hits on some serious topics, yet the dialogue is some times light. Great.

Its on netflix. If you have a chance check it out. It is winner of 13 awards. And rightfully so.
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