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Good Movie
2 August 2008
I think this movie is good, but not that good some people consider it. Mhh, I like movies that are kinda slow, not trying to confuse the viewer by delivering fast cuts and too much MTV atmosphere. This movie is very slow, but it has it's moments, indisputable, it has. Sometimes I think some people can make movies and do what they want, and the whole crowd says "Nice", I liked the Big Lebowsky and Fargo but seriously, are they really that good ? By the way, I like Josh Brolin and his way through Hollywood, there have been some good movies he acted in, Tommy Lee Jones to me is not my favourite actor, maybe because there were some really crappy movies he acted in. The Killer, I remember him from another older movie, Perdit Durango, a movie that tries to be like Tarrantino but not really managed it to convince. The new movie from the coen brothers is not bad, but sometimes boring and I don't think all of the conversations shown are really brilliant. But, like i said, though, a good movie.
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Death Proof (2007)
7 February 2008
This movie is really boring and i think the only reason why it has more than 5 points is because the Director is Quention Tarantino. I like the really unimportant talk in pulp fiction, Tarantino wanted to have it like this as usually everything that is spoken in films has to be important he wanted to break that.

In Death Proof, it sounds like someone tried to be like him but failed. I did not like story, the talk is rubbish and not funny or entertaining at all.

I give this movie 5 points for some nice action scenes, the rest is really boring and not funny.

Mr. Tarantino maybe should take a break or maybe stop making films before its getting worse.
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Gigantic (1999)
Heart and soul in Hamburg
31 January 2006
I already watched this movie some years ago today I watched it again and I really like this movie. The story tells about 3 friends living in hamburg the night before one of them will go to a ship to Africa and later singapore. It's their last evening they spend together and they have much trouble but fun too. A really nice scene is the kicker-scene where they play against the "snake", a really strange guy who plays kicker very well. This movie got so much emotion and is very funny too, so this proves that there are coming up some good talented directors, producers and actors. I hope to see more movies like this in the future, telling realistic stories from peoples lifes without spending so much money on movies to plaster bad stories. We have that movies from Hollywood all the time so I'm really glad to have movies like this one.

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C(r)ook (2004)
Always a pleasure to watch Moritz Bleibtreu
3 January 2006
This is a nice and entertaining movie, except of the austrian speaking guy who is not funny at all. I haven't seen much austrian movies and the ones I have seen all have been very boring and poor. This movie is sometimes funny, accompanied by nice music. I have seen some gangster movies so far and this one can't be compared to other so called gangster movies because there is a lack of coolness but its entertaining in some parts. If you like funny scenes and if you don't take the story too serious this might be a movie you could like. People who expect some kind of American or British gangster movies should not watch it because it got it's own style and Moritz Bleibtreu is always a pleasure to watch 7/10
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Downfall (2004)
The Downfall
22 December 2005
So it seems that some people ( especially from Denmark ) have not understood what that movie wants to describe. It does not want to show Hitler as nice uncle, the perversion of the 3rd Reich is described in many movies before so why do we need thousands more of that movies? To our friends from Denmark: Germany today is not like in 1933. I bet in Denmark, France, England, Italy and Holland you can find more Nazis than here. So you believe what television says when they talk about Germany today ? Good night my friends, it is like I say "In england all people eat fish and chips, all Americans eat hamburgers..." What poor sort of prejudices, most people here know what happened in the past and we all know it must not happen again so you people don't know anything about Germany, just watching the sleazy TV-progamm, do you think this is enough to say such things ? You should better watch what is going on in your own country but i bet you don't even know that.
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Der Wixxer (2004)
Not a bad movie but could be better
5 June 2005
This movie starts really great and you think that this one will be one of the best funny movies ever seen. Unfortunately it becomes more and more boring as longer it is watched. Kalkofe is great, Pastevka too. Some jokes are really funny. I was laughing when the butler looking like Hitler opens the door and says "I can be your leader" and the Lord says "No thanks not this time". Some jokes are nice, some are foolish, like in every comedy movie.I liked it to watch Oliver Kalkofe playing a police-officer who has lost his best friend in a police-mission. He is not a bad actor. So I would say to me its 7/10 points because it is worth to watch it one time.
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America is the best is the best is the best
5 March 2005
First of all I have to say i like the special effects of this movie, that's why it gets 3 out of 10. What does this film show us ? Steven Spielbergs "Masterpiece" of a war-movie "shows" us how history can be changed just to show German peoples as backstabbing, chicken-hearted and dumb. OK, the war has been lost, GOOD, I'm glad Germany lost that war. But the film does not display the truth. We all know Americans are the best soldiers, best humans, everyday when they wake up thinking about how to save the planet this time because they are the best peoples on this planet. So you see that soldier running to the bunker because he is an American, always ready to risk his own life for Worldpeace. If its the bad Russians, Japanese or Germans, we need to save this planet from them. I have one question. Who will save us from these intolerably Americans ?
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One of the best movies I have ever seen
26 February 2005
I wont tell anything about the story because it's not easy for me to find the right words to describe the story proper, especially for someone speaking English as foreign language. Jim Carrey in one of his best movies. After Trueman-show he proves that he is a very good actor, so does Kate Winslet. This is a movie you like to watch two or three times and you will always find something you haven't noticed so far. I was thinking about it often after i watched it and i was overwhelmed with emotion. The cast of characters is also very good, i was surprised of Elijah wood. After seen this i ask myself why THIS movie is not nominated for an Oscar. Is it too deep for Hollywood ? Too much story ? This one proves that movies from America can be so beautiful and deep.
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