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best comedy on TV today
21 October 2004
this comedy is smart where so many others are not. its one of the few shows on today that you find DO NOT have a laugh track which alone makes it unique, but with the excellent writing and acting make it a refreshing and hilarious change. after a few episodes, it all makes sense and is that much funnier once you know the characters and their very individual quirks.

this show deserved all of the awards it won plus a few more just to make sure it gets noticed. its been voted TV-lands "future classic" after only a single season if thats any clue to those who haven't seen it yet. the dry acting of jason bateman and the voice over by ron howard are both stellar and add greatly to the shows overall style.

watch this show as soon as it begins again (nov 7, 2004 after the simpsons) you wont be sorry.
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Pi (1998)
good movie, watch it twice
18 August 2004
this movie was not what i expected, not a lot of closure with the number strains, but great development with max. great interplay with all the characters its an excellent thriller with an interesting mathematical underlying theme. great cinematics with well done camera angles and motion.

the black and white coloration helps a lot with being able to follow and the graininess adds quite a bit to the overall experience. the monochrome keeps you from being distracted by other elements, which greatly pervade this film. overall its an excellent watch and not disappointing, even if you don't get it right away. even if you don't like movies bout scientists or math, don't avoid this movie cause it wont be what you expect.
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