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Sweet 18 (2004– )
One of the Best Romantic-COMEDIES
6 August 2008
The dreamy, tough, and silly 18 year old girl; the rich, slightly serious, 28 year old professional. This drama certainly had the exact formula that made so many other K-dramas a success.

Then why is it not recognized on par with other K-dramas out there? It's simple; the aim of this drama was to entertain. Unfortunately, there was no gimmick.

Lee Dong-Gun and Han Ji-Hye did a wonderful job as a couple that were just beginning to get used to each other. The level of love and respect they show each other, as well as the hilarious scenes highlighting their comedic abilities, are believably sugary sweet.

It brilliantly stuck to it's roots, keeping true to both the comedy and romantic aspect of it's genre. The romance and the hardships of marriage were mushy, gushy, sappy... and oh-so-adorable.

There were no sticky love triangles or detailed misunderstandings that often frustrate viewers. Every single character (with the exception of perhaps, Lee Da Hae's humorous villain Moon Ga-young) was realistically portrayed. It beautifully captured both the traditions and teachings of old with the fast paced life of the new.

Korean tradition was brilliantly captured and respected; not mocked as it so often is in other drama. The action scenes were perhaps a bit silly to watch (matrix style jumps typical of K-drama… which only added to the humor) but were also realistically portrayed.

And… that's why it failed. Every single successful K-drama has a gimmick, a enticing point that showed viewers that it was definitely different. No one died of cancer in this drama, no one cried for 5 episodes straight, no one cheated, and no one stole/lied/manipulated the other. There was no famous pop star… there wasn't a famous transformation that made recent drama's like "Coffee Prince" a favorite.

Watch this drama if you want to see some beautiful acting, nice rural scenery, learn some ancient proverbs perhaps ^_^, and some hilarious and scary encounters. Watch it if you want to see a real Romantic-Comedy that manages to balance both out beautifully.
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Witch Hunter Robin (2002–2003)
Heading into the future?
10 December 2004
Despite the monotony of the first couple of episodes ( the first 7 episodes are about capture and action without any depth) this has been remarkably refreshing.

Each and every character is created with some reality and several of the most well written mysterious characters are all bunched into this show of excitement, fact, fiction and a tremendous amount of action.

Just to name two...

Robin: Named after the king of witches must be the least annoying heroines/heroes of the anime lot and with her supposed innocence it is hard to believe she in caught up in such devious acts.

Amon: Even though nothing is remotely known about him and his actions are hard to determine he is the ideal cool punk guy, which makes you wishing for the next episode.

Yes, yes this is about witches and hunters but the cliché exterior fools many. The twists turns and unexplainable reasoning in this series makes you wanting more. 8/10
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Company (2002)
9 October 2004
Ram Gopal Varma pulled off a very beautiful film, full with suspense and action, what every avid film fan secretly desires.

Complete with actual facts and thrill it was a fun movie and could probably be compare to Godfather being the marvel that it was.

Based ON the Bombay underworld the actors had done justice to the roles given to them. My favorite was Ajay Devgan because of his realistic was of portraying the characters and he was basically the life of the film in my view...

I can't help but repeat myself but It was that much of a splendid movie

Of you want to go for a fun filled ride watch it..
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