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Clichéd... but shows a sign of romance Hollywood frequently overlooks
20 July 2012
The Accidental Husband is like many romance movies before it. It contains the same old formula Hollywood gives us for how people fall in love. Initially the movie focuses on Sophia, a confused woman looking for love and not finding it with her fiancé. Although on screen for barely five minutes she easily establishes herself as a very likable character. While watching the movie I secretly kept wishing it had been about her life, and not Emma and Patrick's. But I digress.

Although terribly clichéd what the movie does do is pull from the Hollywood stereotype that when a person (Emma), ditches one man (Richard) for someone else (Patrick), everyone is okay with the result. This movie shows the true story of two unlikable and confused people making selfish decisions and leaving a very nice man devastated. Although the conclusion is a tad more depressing than your average Hollywood film it is honest. This separates it, somewhat, from the Hollywood cliché.

If you like Uma Thurman you will like this movie. If you're looking for a fresh romantic film with a true happy ending, skip it. 5/10
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Awful writing... decent acting
14 July 2012
Knowing fully well this review will probably never be read I still feel the need to say something about this movie. It took me a long time to figure out why it had such a high rating and the only solution I can come up with is it's star studded cast and the actors actually do a spot on job of portraying people with absolutely no human qualities. If you're reading this you've probably already been bombarded by the horrible themes in this movie but just in case you somehow missed the page after page of bad reviews I'll fill you in.

1) The entire family is atrocious flat out. They have no redeeming qualities, they're bigoted, narrow-minded and selfish.

2) The movie paints a horrible picture of liberals. I have to assume the screenwriter decided to take the old cliché where the free-spirited girl goes to meet her boyfriend's conservative parents, 180 it and probably believed he was God's gift to man when he did it. What he failed to realize was that people do not dislike the old conservative family because they're conservative, they dislike the family because they're bigots.

3) The characters are unrealistic and all relationships they have with one another are not well established. I found myself asking a hundred times who is Everett? Why doesn't Parker just leave? How can a family call itself functional when they slip further and further into a sea of immorality? 4) Danes and Mulroney drift through this movie. They have by far the most useless and underdeveloped characters ever.

5) This movie is sickly incestuous and clearly proves the screenwriter knows absolutely nothing about love or even what an actual relationship looks like.

6) Toward the very end of this movie the screenwriter seemed to realize that the monsters he created were in fact monsters and decided to give them an out. Keaton's character's excuse for being an absolute troll throughout the movie was by far the weakest and least believable of them all. I'll spare you the spoiler and just say the only way her excuse for being so horrible to Parker in the movie would have worked was if she literally had ESP.

7) The movie also touches on the issues of race and homosexuality and once again is way off the mark. The general belief appears to be that unless you cover your ears and scream blah blah blah and pretend that people aren't different you're a bigot. Furthermore anyone who actually has an iota of sense and acknowledges that being gay is more difficult than being heterosexual must also be a bigot. Apparently no one brought up that pretending the world is colorblind is just replacing ignorance with more ignorance.

8) The saddest thing was the screenwriter could have easily revived the film if he had just for a second had the characters learn from their mistakes. Instead the moral seems to be that when a group of people bully you for being different you are supposed to conform.

Most of the acting however is spot on excluding one or two exceptions. Parker touches our hearts, McAdams is an absolute witch, etc. However due to the awful screen writing I can't give this movie anything better than a 1. I apologize to the actors who actually gave something to this movie, but really you guys should have known this was going to be a flop.
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