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Ravna Gora (2013– )
Different point of view.
5 December 2013
The series ''Ravna Gora'' is historical-dramatic TV show, about very difficult chapter in Serbian History. The series main plot is the political and ideological division of Serbian people during WWII.Its important before talking, about quality of TV show it self, to state some historical background facts and informations.

There were two factions in occupied Serbia during WWII. The Royalist movement lead by General Draza Mihajlovic also known as ''Chetniks'' and second Communist movement lead by Josip Broz Tito known as ''Partizans''.This factions fought against each other during the war,each of factions wanted to impose its ideology to people of Serbia.The more successful faction on the end of war was, Communist lead by Tito, who was supported by allies.When communist came to power in Serbia and Yugoslavia in 1945,they wrote history books,according to their wish and the way they saw it fit.They became ultimate''Good guys'' and Heroes, and the other side Yugoslav Royalists Chetniks were evil, and they went step further,they made equal Chetniks and Ustashas(Croatian Nazis). During communist years in Yugoslavia there were number of movies and series, which were glorifying the Partizans and undermining the Chetniks.This created very negative picture about chetniks and people always consider the chetniks bad guys who collaborate with Nazis.However as we all know the history is not Black or White so in last few years, the hidden truth about Royalist is finally coming out.

This TV show is first of its kind, the first attempt to tell the real truth about Chetniks and not just represent them as viscus blood suckers,the way that communist propaganda was portraying them.The series its self is very slow paced and with long scenes,this is the directing style of the producer and writer Rados Bajic.This is drama TV show so there are very limited minor action scenes, it mainly focused on dialogs and historical events that are taking place and also it shows the life of average Serbian peasant family during this period. Everyone who understand the Serbian language should give this show a try and watch it without prejudice.

Generally is positive that finally in Serbia after many decades we are able to hear the other faction and side of the story,so that people in Serbia can have complete image about what happened during WWII.Maybe this TV show will help to close some old wounds and that Serbia move finally forward.
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