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Baran (2001)
This film is incredible and a visual masterpiece
28 July 2004
This film is incredible, a visual masterpiece. Majid Majidi has the ability to make every frame and every shot beautiful and enigmatic. The story is in some scenes humorous, in others moving.

This film has lessons to teach in humanity and generosity.

It is also a window for viewers in Western countries (such as myself) whose lives are so far removed from those of the characters and real people like them. Very few films have to ability to transport you to another place so completely, as this film does.
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As moving a film as you will ever see
28 July 2004
This is one of the most, if not the most, moving film you may ever see. The story of Mohammed will break your heart. At many points in the film even the most restrained viewer will find themselves in tears. Mohammed's hope, determination and good nature will inspire you and teach you lessons about how you face your own life. The happier scenes in the film, such as when Mohammed is playing with his sisters or spending time with his beloved grandmother, will touch you. Prepare for the ending of this film, as it will move you to tears.
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Majid Majidi is a genius
28 July 2004
Majid Majidi is a genius. He is a director and actor of great talent. This film presents a sweet story of a brother and sister, their bond and their unique solution to solving the problem of a pair of lost shoes. The child actors are adorable and utterly convincing and the production of the film is of such quality that you get lost in watching it. The story itself is humorous, at times, and inspiring. Though the premise may be simple, each scene is infused with such passion, beauty and emotion that the experience of viewing this film is anything but simple. To all who have yet to view the film, take note of the very last scene.
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